Craglorn Officially Coming to The Elder Scrolls Online 5/22/14

ZeniMax Online Studios announced today that their first major update to The Elder Scrolls Online, the Adventure Zone Craglorn, will be patched to the live server on May 22nd, 2014. This update adds a new area to explore of Veteran Rank content, including 4-player quests and delves, the 12-person Trials and more.

This update will include other fixes and such to the game, but Craglorn is the most notable. This is an example of the “regular content updates” that ZeniMax has promised to support their reasoning for a subscription fee, and for most players this will be their first taste of what ESO considers end-game raid content.

The maintenance will begin tomorrow morning at  8 AM EDT for the North American Megaserver and at 10 PM EDT for the European Megaserver. After the maintenance the update will be available to players. Stay tuned as full patch notes are available for the official release of what players have been experiencing on the PTS (Play Test Server).

If you’re itching to see Craglorn in action while the game is patching, head to ZeniMax’s official news post on this item as they’ve provided archived links to the recent Trials Speedrun challenge that took place this past weekend.

Excited to get into Craglorn and discover the mystery behind the missing star constellations? Let us know in the comments below!

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