Craglorn “Ask Us Anything” Highlights

In a recent news post on the Elder Scrolls Online homepage, ZeniMax answered some questions in an “Ask Us Anything” geared towards their recently announced update to the game, Craglorn.

Image courtesy of ZeniMax Online Studios

Image courtesy of ZeniMax Online Studios

Some of the major nuggets to come out of this is that we shouldn’t expect every update in the future to be an Adventure Zone, and as a result not every major update will be so focused on group content. Also, Craglorn will raise the Veteran Rank cap to VR12, but the area will be accessible as early as VR1.

Also, Craglorn will work as both instanced and non-instanced. The overland areas will not be instanced, but some of the dungeons, delves and points of interest are.

For the full write-up, check out the official post on the ESO website. Let us know what you think, as well as if you have any lingering questions regarding Craglorn and Adventure Zones as a whole!

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