Classic Elder Scrolls Night 9

Tonight, we go back in time, to The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall! Evarwyn attempts to take on a dungeon in Daggerfall with his level 2 Nord Knight as we discuss topics like: “Should Daggerfall Be Remade?”, “Ok So I Played Arena/Daggerfal…”, and “Daggferall’s Size Compared to Other Games”. John presents his mod of the week and Mori presents his random lore book as well. Its a fantastic look back to a classic TES game, during an awkward time of gaming. You wont want to miss this!
Classic Elder Scrolls Night 9

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One comment

  • I’m happy that this game gets the spotlight this time. Daggerfall is still my favorite game, been an Elder Scrolls fan since Arena released.

    I loved this game due to the many first experiences I had in an RPG. First player housing, mounts with carts, a buyable ship to dump your loot, and holidays that has perks in shops. You can also become a vampire or werewolf which these firsts I don;t remember seeing on other RPG in those days.

    Anyway, just want to make a correction, this is the only Elder Scrolls main series game (battlespire, redguard and travels not included) that you don’t start out as a prisoner. You are an Imperial agent that got shipwrecked and ended up in a cave (which kinda looked like a dungeon).

    If I remember correctly, the last episode you guys mentioned having a priestly guild to join on TES:6, In Daggerfall, you can join temple guilds and work your rank up similar as the other guilds in the series.

    All in all, loved this show. Thanks, guys.

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