Classic Elder Scrolls Night 8

Today, the Classic group gets together to discuss their impressions and ideas of what Elder Scrolls VI might be like. We take to the official Elder Scrolls forums to find some of the more interesting questions on the topic, such as where it should be held and what year do we think the, unannounced by likely addition to the series, will hit store shelves.

Classic Elder Scrolls Night 8

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  • I really don’t understand Moricu on spellmaking. How does super powered spells showing up on the nexus have any effect on what should go into the game? Skyrim didn’t have spell making, and there are spells for it that will kill everyone in a city with one spell cast. Nexus mods are just that, mods. They’re made by the community, and whether spells are over powered on the nexus is irrelevant to the game itself. If you don’t want to use over powered spells that people made on the nexus, then don’t download them.

    Certainly there should be restrictions on what can be made in the game by itself, but just having a spell making mechanic for the game doesn’t mean you are now obligated to get all the over powered spells from the nexus and use them.

    Anything that might show up on the nexus deserves no place in an actual discussion about what the true games should or should not feature.

  • I’ve heard many a discussion regarding where the Elder Scrolls could go, and I fully understand why most discussions stay in Tamriel.
    However I think it would be interesting to have a game set in Akavir.

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