Classic Elder Scrolls Night 18: Forelhost Crypt

We welcome Krispy to our show and a brand new segment: “Tales From the Dungeon” that she will be presenting. This week we jump back into Skyrim and discuss “Good Locations to Explore” and “You Know You’re Obsessed With Skryim When…” as well as our “Fast Question of the Week” and an email from our community.

Classic Elder Scrolls Night 18: Forelhost Crypt

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  • Hi great show, as always very entertaining. I just wanted to comment on the talk about the different names for currency: in Morrowind and Oblivion the ruling dynasty is the Septim family (descended from Tiber Septim/Talos) and the coinage is named after them (and as pointed out in chat sometimes called drakes due to the image on the coin). However by the time of Skyrim the Septims are extinct and have been for some time (Martin Septim was the last). I imagine this is reason for the name change. The current emperor Titus Mede is a self made emperor, the first of his family to hold the title, and presumably he has not made enough of an impression for people out in the provinces to start calling their coinage “medes” or something similar.

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