Classic Elder Scrolls Night 14: Swords, Shields, and Bows, OH MY!

This week the crew jumps into Skyrim and discusses alternate builds for characters that use swords and shields and characters that use bows and sneaking in their gameplay. Plus we have Mori’s random lore book and John’s mod of the week. Shank talk a little bit too…
Classic Elder Scrolls Night 14: Swords, Shields, and Bows, OH MY!

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One comment

  • Loved the show guys!

    I attempt to play a Paladin type sword & shield/board in most RPGs that I play.

    I’d love to hear how you created your Paladin toon in Oblivion Evarwyn!

    After listening to this podcast a few days ago. (i know i’m late to the party) I decided to give Oblivion a go one more time.

    I’ve played it off and on since it released 7? years ago. Rolled a handful of characters, but never stuck with it longer than a high teens or mid 20 lvls. Mostly getting bogged down with not “playing” the game, but rather trying to use certain skills to raise certain attributes. It just became tedious and eventually not fun.

    I’d be very interested in the build you chose to go with for your Paladin.

    I went with the following:

    Strength & Willpower


    Heavy Armor

    Went with a Briton for the increased Magicka.

    And I also had a few other questions, if I may 😉

    I remember some of your older ESOTR podcasts where you talked about really enjoying the Knights of the Nine questline. I was wondering if you’d suggest waiting to do this at some point later in the game. Early, Mid or Late?

    Early on when I first played the game, I tried doing a few side quests and then moving on into the Main quest, returning the amulet and spawning the Oblivion gates. Due to my inexperience and most likely poor ability, I had quite a hard time in the Daedralands.

    So eventually I simply skipped that and just began working on any/all other quests I came across. But I’d really like to work through the main story/quest. I think I have a better understanding of the game mechanics now.

    Can you keep playing, exploring, questing “after” you finish the main quest?

    So that’s basically where I’m at lol

    Been listening and a fan of the show/podcasts for about a year now.

    Appreciate all the time and effort you devote to making informative and entertaining episodes. As well as helping others delve into other games (Like RIFT Reforged!)

    Anyway, would love as much insight into the Oblivion path/play as you’d care to give.

    Might make a great podcast. /cough 😉

    Thanks again & Best Regards…and Good Hunting!

    Roland 🙂

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