Classic Elder Scrolls Night 13: Evarwyn’s Dead

Tonight, Supa, Mori, and Shank cause utter chaos as Evarwyn has the night off. They discuss the core systems and mechanics they’d like to see implemented in TES VI with respect to other games in the industry, as well as how they can create a truly meaningful, personal experience. Also discussed are whether or not one character is enough for TES games as well as answering that old conundrum: Morag Tong or Dark Brotherhood?

Classic Elder Scrolls Night 13: Evarwyn’s Dead

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  • Listening to your discussion about gold farmers and gold purchasers. One way around this would be to take the Eve online route of making products such as game time codes in game tradable commodities. That way people who would buy gold can buy and trade game time rather than promoting guild farming bots. Although this would still possibly unbalance the economy.

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