Classic Elder Scrolls Night 10

This week, during QGN’s 48+ hour Elder Scrolls Online Marathon Event, the guys do a side by side comparison of Skyrim in TES:V to Skyrim in “The Game That Shall Not Be Named” (Elder Scrolls Online)! We journey from The Rift to Windhelm and travel backwards and forwards in time, 1000 years, to see how the landscape of this majestic territory in Tamriel, has changed!
Classic Elder Scrolls Night 10

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  • Daniel Castineira

    Just started listening with the introduction of ESO and loving the podcast. In my opinion some of the best lore was the Wolf Queen series. The quest tie-in made that story even more epic with you, as the hero, concluding it. Keep up the great work and keep on adventureing!

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