Classic Elder Scrolls 38: The Bard’s Tale

Bards! Sure, if you’re a well versed RPG fan, you know what they are, but did you know that they’re a HUGE part of Elder Scrolls? Even in Skyrim? Well sit down and get ready, for these three gentlemen will string you a tale, worthy of any song, that may be sung at inns across Tamriel, from Skyrim to Valenwood and from Glenumbra to Black Marsh.
Classic Elder Scrolls 38: The Bard’s Tale
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  • Long time listener/lurker, I really enjoy the show, particularly Classic Elder Scrolls, since I’m not much of a fan of ESO. Just curious, whatever happened to Lore Master Lou and Shank the Tank?? Any chance they would join a future podcast for old times’ sake?

    • Unfortunately, no. There was quite the falling out b/t us. For our part, we wish them well, but they’re not welcome on any of QGN’s shows and they seem more than happy with that arrangement.

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