Chill From OotiniCast Plays Galactic Strongholds



Tonight, Chill from OotiniCast got the opportunity to sit down with Eric Musco and actually play in Galactic Strongholds. Specifically, Chill was able to visit BioWare and play with the new Dromund Kaas apartment. The event was streamed on the official SWTOR Twitch page, and is available to watch here. Due to the nature of the stream, it has been split into a few different parts. The additional videos can be found in the scrolling bar at the bottom of the page.

This was our first look at the new apartment on Dromund Kaas and it looks to be just as impressive (if not more) as the Coruscant apartment. Hopefully the excitement of Eric Musco and Chill is indicative of what’s to come when we finally get our hands on Galactic Strongholds.

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