Changes Coming to Ranked PvP

swtor-logoStar Wars: The Old Republic announced today on their site that a couple of things are going to be changing with Season 2 of Ranked PvP. I’m going to go ahead and highlight the major bullet points below, but feel free to check out the official post as well.

Shorter Seasons

The first point they talked about was the fact that PvP Season 1 lasted a ridiculous amount of time. Going forward, they’ve decided they’ll keep PvP Seasons around 3 months in time. They also stated that the seasons will end with a major game update, such as update 2.7 ended Season 1.

Revamped Rewards

As a result of shortening the PvP seasons, BioWare will also be cutting down the number of rewards that are given. So far, they’ve only confirmed that there will not be tiers of season gear with future seasons. PvP Season 1 will be the only season with a unique gear set, as of now. Moving forward, there will also be 3 tiers of rewards, as opposed to the 5 tiers that were in Season 1.

New Incentive to Play

There will be both Daily and Weekly quests added to the game, in order to give players more incentive to participate in Ranked PvP.

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