Capcom and Twitch Announce Capcom Pro Tour

Capcom and Twitch have joined together to deliver the Capcom Pro Tour, the first ever fighting game league that will focus solely on the Street Fighter IV series.

The Capcom Pro Tour will offer new opportunities for fans of the fighting game genre, and simultaneously support tournament organizers with a boost in production values and video content. The year long tour will consist of a series of premier events and online tournaments, and will culminate with the Capcom Cup this December.

Players looking to compete in the Capcom Cup will have to step up their game. Only 16 spots will be available in the tournament, 10 of which will be decided by winners of the premier events. The remaining six spots will be chosen by a points system that tracks how players perform on the tour. Currently, seven premier events have been scheduled:

·         Final Round (March 14~16 – Atlanta, GA, USA)
·         NorCal Regionals (April 18~20 – Sacramento, CA, USA)
·         Southeast Asia Majors (June 20~22 – Singapore)
·         Community Effort Orlando (June 27~29 – Orlando, FL, USA)
·         Evolution Championship Series (July 11~13 – Las Vegas, NV, USA)
·         The Fall Classic (October 10~12 – Raleigh, NC, USA)
·         DreamHack Winter (November 27~30 – Jönköping, Sweden)

If you are unable to attend one of the premier events, you still have a chance to qualify with points. A few ranking events are currently scheduled that will offer players a chance to get one of the highly coveted spots in the Capcom Cup:

·         SoCal Regionals (February 28~March 2, Los Angeles, CA, USA)
·         PAX East (April 11~13 – Boston, MA, USA)
·         E3 (June 10~12 – Los Angeles, CA, USA)
·         San Diego Comic Con (July 24~27 – San Diego, CA, USA)


If you are terrible at fighting games like I am, but enjoy watching the talented players compete, Twitch will have you covered. All of the premier events will be collaborating with Capcom and Twitch to stream the events live on the Capcom Fighters Twitch channel.

For more information regarding the Capcom Pro Tour you can visit the Capcom Pro Tour website.

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