Black Gold Online – New MMO Unveiled by SnailGamesUSA

What happens when you mix Victorian Steampunk and High Fantasy? You get the world of Black Gold Online, a new Free to Play MMO coming from Snail Games USA. Snail Games USA, the maker of MMOs such as Age of Wushu and Heroes of Gaia brings you into a world where the two very different worlds clash for supremacy over the world.


You chose to play as one of two races: the Isenhorst who harness the energy of steamtech, or the Erlandirs who prefer nature, wearing only skin and bone and harnessing the power of healing and sorcery. The two fight over a 300 square kilometer continent of Montel, using mechanized steam engines, creatures of nature, and airpower to exert your control over the land.

The steam powered world of the Isenhorst

The steam powered world of the Isenhorst


The Snail Games USA booth had a couple of rows of PCs devoted to this game. You could choose which side to play for, as well as whether you want to play some PVE or try out the PVP system. I first chose one of of the Erlandirs and ran right towards the portal to take you to PVP.

The arena was small, but that just made for better battles. I was assured that the PVP arenas/areas would be bigger toward launch, but they wanted to give players at E3 a taste of how the combat would work. You have your standard skills, auto attack, but Black Gold Online also has a dodge bar, allowing you to quickly evade enemy attacks. Use this wisely though, as each dodge brings down your dodge bar, and if it’s depleted you can’t dodge.

First and foremost, I never felt as if I was just clicking/pressing buttons. The combat was your traditional MMO combat, but it felt solid, each blow landing with efficiency. The graphics were great, really showing off the culture of the two races: the Isenhorst environments being very steam punk and mechanized, the Erlandirs colorful and rooted in the traditional fantasy color scheme. I quickly dove into the first vehicle I could get my hand on (a lizard looking mount) and began to wail on the Isenhorst enemies in front of me.

Now just because you are in a vehicle and your enemy isn’t doesn’t mean you wield supreme power on the battlefield. Far from it actually. Strategies began to develop as my enemies sought a way to take me out. Eventually, one of my enemies got inbetween the mounts legs and I was helpless as I could not target them from that angle. As my mount crumbled from the final blow, I respawned and went right back into the PVP area, yearning for more.

Traditional High Fantasy look of the Erlandirs

Traditional High Fantasy look of the Erlandirs

In Black Gold Online, you can play as one of six subraces: The Isenhorst Humans, Dwarves and Vampires; the Erlandirs: Koshites, Yutonians, and Shapeshifters. The game also features 18 different classes for you to chose from, giving you plenty of opportunities to play. It’s unclear as to whether all 18 classes are available from the start, or if there are subclasses as you progress, but more information will be available as it comes closer to the launch of the game.

All in all, very few games had me going back for more at E3 last week, but Black Gold was one. The PVP combat was a lot of fun, enough to keep me intrigued as the game approaches launch. As of now there is no date set, but you can be sure we will have the info once it’s announced. Till then, check out the website for CGI trailers, game play and more information on Black Gold Online.

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