Bethesda Releases Video Detailing First Content Update: Craglorn

Bethesda released a video today featuring Creative Director Paul Sage talking about the first content update expected later this month for The Elder Scrolls Online, Craglorn.

Craglorn introduces several new features, but its main draw is the Adventure Zone designed for groups of four or 12. Craglorn sets players up on a journey to uncover the mystery of missing constellations. There will be boss fights, skyshards to find, quests found through exploration, and more.

There is also a new feature designed for larger groups known as a “Trial”, and the video detailed some of the first pieces of information about these game types. Groups of 12 will battle through the area fighting boss monsters, battling environmental hazards, and facing a timer and a limited number of resurrections. The whole run is designed to be incredibly challenging and will be timed, with resurrections counting against the group’s time. The fastest times will be featured on a leaderboard, and if your group makes it to the top, Sage said you’ll get rewards. They are designed to be, “the ultimate challenge for your group in The Elder Scrolls Online.”

No specific release date was given, but IGN reported it would come later this month, and ZeniMax Online Studios has promised it’s coming soon, with additional content updates coming frequently. Stay tuned to QGN and The Elder Scrolls Off the Record for all the latest.

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