PvP/BGs Magplar DPS w/ Off Heal Capabilities

Name Your Build: PvP/BGs Magplar DPS w/ Off Heal Capabilities
Class: Templar
Race: High Elf
Role: damage-dps
Attribute Points – Health: 0
Attribute Points – Magicka: 60
Attribute Points – Stamina: 0
Mundus Stone: Thief
Skills – Bar 1:

Dual Wield:
1. Toppling Charge- Gap closer
2. Puncturing Sweeps- Spam-able damage ability
3. Reflective Light- Dot and major critical bonus
4. Radiant Glory- Execute
5. Blazing Spear- AoE DoT
U. Shooting Star

Skills – Bar 2:

Maelstrom Restoration Staff:
1. Channeled Focus- Resistance buffs and Magicka return
2. Extended Ritual- Purge and AoE HoT
3. Elusive Mist- Damage reduction and escape
4. Breath of Life- On-demand burst heal
5. Rapid Regeneration- HoT and procs magicka regen from maelstrom staff
U. Light’s Champion- Emergency heal

Light Armor: 2
Medium Armor: 0
Heavy Armor: 5
Gear – Head: Troll King-Heavy-Impenatrable-Magicka
Gear – Shoulders: Troll King-Heavy-Impenatrable-Magicka
Gear – Chest: Rattlecage-Impenatrable-Magicka
Gear – Legs: Rattlecage-Impenatrable-Magicka
Gear – Boots: Rattlecage-Impenatrable-Magicka
Gear – Gloves: Amberplasm-Impenatrable-Magicka
Gear – Belt: Amberplasm-Impenatrable-Magicka
Gear – Necklace: Amberplasm-Spell Damage
Gear – Ring 1: Amberplasm-Spell Damage
Gear – Ring 2: Amberplasm-Spell Damage
Gear – Weapon 1: Rattlecage-Sharpened-Weapon Damage
Gear – Weapon 1 Offhand: Rattlecage-Sharpened-Disease
Gear – Weapon 2: Maelstrom Restoration Staff-Defending
Gear – Weapon 2 Offhand:
Champion Points – Warrior – Description: 37 Ironclad-38 Resistant-29 Thick Skinned-48 Hardy-48 Elemental Defender-10 Quick Recovery
Champion Points – Mage – Description: 10 Blessed-22 Elfborn- 75 Elemental Expert-13 Spell Erosion-15 Master at Arms- 75 Thaumaturge
Champion Points – Thief – Description: 17 Siphoner-43 Warlord-100 Arcanist-30 Tumbling
Build Details:

For play style details or help adapting mail @WilliamOfSomeRenown

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