48 Hour Marathon Event with ESO Giveaways!

This week is the launch of Elder Scrolls Online, and here at Elder Scrolls off the Record, we intend to celebrate the right way: by hosting a live marathon event on our Twitch Channel!

Last month’s 60 hour beta stream event was a huge success and we’re bringing it back, starting the exact moment when the servers officially launch at 7pm est, this Thursday April 3rd!

It all begins with a count down to the exact minute the servers launch, and then we’ll begin episode 105 of Elder Scrolls off the Record, hosted inside of the game! During the show, we will giveaway a digital copy of Skyrim Legendary Edition and a Digital Imperial Edition of Elder Scrolls Online to our LIVE chat room!

After the podcast, the fun continues for 48 hours as the team here at QGN stream ESO. We have 4 more copies of Elder Scrolls Online that we WILL be giving away to our chat room during the event. We’ll be sure to announce when we’re about to do it on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus.

Friday at 9pm est, we wil host Classic Elder Scrolls Night from inside ESO and we’ll be comparing, side by side on our live stream, Skyrim in Elder Scrolls Online and 1000yrs later in TES:V Skyrim.

Saturday we will also host QGN Community Game Night as our listeners team up with hosts and community leaders and fight for our faction in Cyrodiil!

The event will be live on our Twitch Channel starting at 7pm est on Thursday to Saturday past midnight!

Help us usher in this new era in the elder scrolls community and celebrate the official launch of ESO! You might win a rare copy of the game and you’ll definitely have a lot of fun!

Here Is Your Programming Guide to our 48+ Hour Live Event: Marathon Streaming from Thursday 4/3, 7pm EST – Saturday 4/5, After Midnight!

  • Thursday: 6:59pm EST, We Count Down the FINAL Minute Before the Official Launch of Elder Scrolls Online
  • Thursday: 7pm EST, Elder Scrolls Off the Record Episode 105: Hosted From INSIDE the Game! Giving away 1 Copy of TES:V: Skyrim Legendary Edition and 1. Copy of Elder Scrolls Online Digital Imperial Edition
  • Friday: 9pm EST, Classic Elder Scrolls Night. Comparing Skyrim to Skyrim: Before and After 1000 yrs of History
  • Saturday: 9pm EST Community Game Night: QGN PvP’s FOR THE QUEEN!!


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