2D Games Offers Ravaged SDK


In a press release today, indie studio 2D Games, creators of Ravaged and Ravaged Zombie Apocalypse, released their SDK (software development kit) today. Dubbed the RDK, Ravaged Dev Kit, this tool will allow modders to bring their creations to life. The kit can be downloaded here. They have also posted a Q&A about the dev kit here.

Ken Payne, Lead Engineer, feels very strongly about releasing the dev kit to potential modders: “Having come from the modding community ourselves, we feel passionate about giving the same opportunity to future Ravaged developers…These fundamental tools will provide a platform for our community to build, share, and play in maps that we could never have imagined.”

This makes sense and aligns with their ethos, considering 2D Games developed the mod Battlefield: Desert Combat along with standalone games HomeFront and Frontlines. Both Ravaged and Ravaged Zombie Apocalypse are available on Steam now for $14.99 each.

Go forth and mod!

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