The Undying Tempest

Name Your Build: The Undying Tempest
Class: Sorcerer
Race: Nord
Role: tank
Attribute Points – Health: 64
Attribute Points – Magicka: 0
Attribute Points – Stamina: 0
Mundus Stone: The Serpent
Upload Skills Images:
Skills – Bar 1:
Bone Surge Pierce Armor  Dark Deal  Hurricane  Bound Aegis Shield Discipline (Ultimate)
Skills – Bar 2:
Ring of Preservation Elemental Drain Elude Critical Surge Bound Aegis Absorption Field/Devouring Swarm (Situational Ultimate)
Light Armor: 1
Medium Armor: 1
Heavy Armor: 5
Upload Gear Images:
Gear – Head: The Engine Guardian’s Mask (Medium, Impenetrable) (Stamina Enchant)
Gear – Shoulders: The Engine Guardian’s Epaulets (Light, Divines) (Magicka Enchant)
Gear – Chest: Ebon Cuirass (Heavy, Divines) (Health Enchant)
Gear – Legs: Ebon Greaves (Heavy, Divines) (Stamina Enchant)
Gear – Boots: Ebon Sabatons (Heavy, Divines) (Stamina Enchant)
Gear – Gloves: Ebon Gauntlets (Heavy, Sturdy) (Stamina Enchant)
Gear – Belt: Ebon Girdle (Heavy, Divines) (Health Enchant)
Gear – Necklace: Warrior Poet’s Necklace (Healthy) (Physical Resistance Enchant)
Gear – Ring 1: Warrior Poet’s Ring (Healthy) (Health Recovery Enchant)
Gear – Ring 2: Warrior Poet’s Ring (Healthy) (Health Recovery Enchant)
Gear – Weapon 1: Blade of the Warrior Poet (Decisive) (Absorb Stamina Enchant)
Gear – Weapon 1 Offhand: Warrior Poet’s Shield (Sturdy) (Stamina Enchant)
Gear – Weapon 2: Warrior Poet’s Ice Staff (Defending) (Absorb Health Enchant)
Gear – Weapon 2 Offhand: n/a
Champion Points – Warrior – Description: Steed- 30 Ironclad, 20 Spell Shield ; Lady- 45 Thick Skinned, 32 Hardy, 43 Elemental Defender ; Lord- 30 Heavy Armor Focus, 6 Bastion
Champion Points – Mage – Description: Apprentice- 100 Blessed, 76 Elfborn ; Atronach- 30 Physical Weapon Expert ; Ritual- None
Champion Points – Thief – Description: Tower- None ; Lover- 43 Arcanist, 22 Mooncalf ; Shadow- 46 Tumbling, 95 Shadow Ward
Build Details:

Still very much a work in progress but still very effective and capable off-tanking veteran trials (Probably main tanking too but most of my gear is still purple so I dare not try). I love unconventional builds and this sorcerer tank is an absolute blast. The champion points are probably not 100% optimized and I could stand to have a better trait or two on the gear, but the core concept of this is the resource sustainability. The keys to maintaining your resource pool on this are the Vampire Unnatural Recovery passive, Dark Deal (godsend for keeping yourself alive), and the Engine Guardian set in addition to the revamped Ice Staff tanking mechanics and passives. If you wanna get creative and break away from the meta while still being an extremely viable tank, I highly recommend this build.

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