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The end of the year Nintendo Direct has hit us today and with it comes announcements and coverage of 13 games, some new and interesting tidbits came out today to tantalize every Nintendo fan’s greatest dreams. The video is crammed full of information and is hosted by the Nintendo Global President, Satoru Iwata, also featuring an appearance by Reggie Fils-Aime, the President and CEO of Nintendo America.

The video can be viewed HERE but we’ll break it down right here for easy viewing.

The presentation started up with something brand new in the works, a future title in the Legend Of Zelda Franchise tentatively titled “Hyrule Warriors”

This game is far more of the hack and slash feel of other titles like Dynasty Warriors than previous Legend Of Zelda titles have been in the past, including all out battles of hordes of opponents on the field at one time. The game retains the Legend Of Zelda feel and even includes enemies easily recognizable to veterans of the series. This title is planned to release on the WiiU.


Coming next year to the 3DS from the Kirby Franchise, Kirby Triple Deluxe!

The game, just like all Kirby games in the past, follows a very simple yet ingenious model of side-scrolling and powering up Kirby through the use of his insatiable appetite to consume and take on powers of the enemies he encounters, which a few new have been added to Kirby’s repertoire with this title. This game also includes a mega ability which is particularly useful at key points of the game to surpass normally impassible objects, much like the use of ultimate abilities in Kirby’s Return to Dreamland for the Wii. On top of all of this, which in all honesty is enough to make for a great Kirby game, there is a new key gameplay mechanic in store in the use of multiple layers of land to allow Kirby, and sometimes enemies, to traverse between the foreground and background tracks actively to complete puzzles and move along the world in new ways.

Enemy on a separate foreground track than Kirby in the background.

This game is out of the box a great addition to the Kirby line simply due to the gameplay of the main game, but this game has even more to offer. Two more games are included which explain the title and really make this a triple deluxe game. The next game within this package is Kirby Fighters which allows 4 players to link up and duke it out with their favorite power ups or even allows one player to go head to head with NPC’s for a bit of extra practice.

Super Smash Kirby!

Rounding out the trio of games in Kirby Triple Deluxe is “Dedede’s Drum Dash” which allows you to take on the role of Kirby’s biggest all-time enemy King Dedede in a rhythm game that allows you to recreate some of the iconic Kirby musical scores from this and previous titles.

Who knew giant hammer-toting penguins had rhythm?

The next upcoming game featured for the 3DS system is Yoshi’s New Island!

Releasing Spring 2014, this game takes on reminiscent styling of Yoshi’s Story for the Nintendo 64 along with the gameplay of the original Yoshi’s Island for the Super NES and is even produced by Takashi Tezuka the creative director of the original game. This title will include all new eggs, all new powers, and a range of enemies ready to be taken down by Yoshi and Baby Mario.

That shy guy is about to get ate!  Dang Yoshi, you scary!

Up next in the video is “Chibi-Robo: Photo Finder” for the 3DS system.

Making full use of the camera capabilities of the 3DS, this title takes on your world by giving quests to literally find shapes and designs in your every day life. Quests are handed out to allow you to take an image of ordinary objects then the Chibi-Robo takes the image and, in regular augmented reality style, uses whatever image you took to complete its quest in game. The game is far more than just augmented reality though including an array of in-game mini-quests and games to enjoy which are necessary for story progression. Chibi-Robo: Photo Finder is scheduled to release to the 3DS e-shop on January 9th.

Chibi-Robo waking up.

A special surprise was announced during the confirmation of Pokémon Bank and Poké transporter.

These two applications are not truly games, rather, Pokémon Bank is a tool to allow owners of Pokémon X or Y to transfer Pokémon they own onto a server to store up to 3000 pokemon at a time and at any time it can be used to transfer Pokémon back and forth between the server and Pokémon X and Y at an estimated cost of only $5 a year. Poké transporter is the tool to allow owners of previous Pokémon titles to move their beloved Pokémon forward into the latest generation, this is a one way trip though and will not allow Pokémon to be returned to previous titles and requires generation 5 games to be used (Black, White, Black 2, or White 2).

OMG, he stole two other people's starters!

These two tools will release on December 27th and a free 30-day trial will be available for anyone with the corresponding Pokémon games up to January 31st 2014. But wait! there’s more! Anyone who uses Pokémon Bank between the release and September 2014 will receive the extremely rare Pokémon Celebi, previously only legitimately obtained through limited distribution and will be obtainable even by those using the free 30-day trial.

Tears of excitement?  I think so.

Presented by Nintendo America’s CEO and President, Reggie Fils-Aime, Bravely Default’s gameplay systems were discussed in a bit more depth.

This turn-based fantasy title, which releases February 7th, is a bit more than what it seems, allowing players to gain benefits while on the go with the announced system called “Sleep Points”. These points are gained for hours not spent playing the game, rather, allowing it to enter sleep mode by closing the 3DS system. During this time, if you come across any other players of the game, you will gain the use of special characters to summon in battle when you do return to the game. Sleep Points will also be available in game as a potion for purchase with 3DS e-store currency which can be obtained through the use of real world currency in the 3DS e-shop or at retailers.

Additionally, a demo will be available January 2nd 2014 on the 3DS e-shop which includes a completely free side story not included in the main game where you can earn item packs that transfer directly into the main version of the game and allows you to keep any friends made or special characters obtained during the demo.

Returning to Nintendo Global President, Satoru Iwata, and announcing the next upcoming addition to the Donkey Kong Franchise:

Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze is set to release on February 21st and breathes life back into the Donkey Kong titles. The game looks very similar to previous games such as Donkey Kong Country where Donkey Kong has another of his crew along to assist in completing dungeons, pitfalls, and puzzles. Previously known, Donkey Kong will be joined by Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong, but announced today, he will also be joined by the elderly yet spry Cranky Kong. The game does have elements that seem to be ripped right out of previous incarnations but without a doubt this title will be all that and more, even allowing the player to step out of the side scrolling action depending on the area.

I think Nintendo has something against penguins at this point.

Sega announced two new DLC for its recently released game, “Sonic Lost World”.

The first of the two Nintendo-exclusive DLC releases today and takes on an awesome mashup of Sonic’s favorite loops and straightaways mixed in with the beautiful world of Yoshi’s Story, complete with shy guys and yoshi eggs!

Two great tastes that taste great together!

And the second DLC which will release next year was released only with an image to give you a hint at what’s to come!

OH, WHAT COULD IT BE?!  The anticipation is killing me.

Speaking of DLC, Wii Sports Club will be receiving more than just its two previous games; golf has arrived!

All WiiU owners that received the October update will have the game pre-loaded on their systems which allow a free 24-hour trial to allow you to test out the game before making a decision to purchase or not. The added golf game will include the previous 9-hole course from the original “Wii Sports” as well as an additional 9-hole course recreating the NES game “Golf US Course”. The game will utilize the WiiU Game Pad to allow users to line up their shot by looking down into it as it’s set on the floor.

Remember to wear the Wii-mote wrist strap!

Also new to the Wii, but something that will be very familiar to long time nintendo gamers, comes NES Remix!

Now available on the Nintendo WiiU e-shop, NES Remix will take iconic and favorite scenes from classic NES games and give them a face lift by adding in new features, twists, and challenges. The game will allow you to race for the best times and scores on any of 16 included games and post online to compete with friends.

A collection to be proud of

Reinventing the classics is not new hat with Nintendo, or even reinventing reinventions as we see here with the remake of the Wii remake of Dr. Mario, the WiiU Dr. Luigi.

The game takes on the same old Dr. Mario game, but has new additional game modes and online capability as well as a few changes to the multiplayer game. The first new game mode allows for Dr. Luigi to use two pills at once instead of just one, dropping the pills in a “L”-shaped pattern.

With that sly look on his face, Dr. Luigi may kill those viruses by breaking their hearts.

The second new gameplay style included in Dr. Luigi is called “Virus Burster” mode, specifically revived from the Nintendo Brain Age series. This mode is particularly unique due to its integration of the WiiU Game Pad to get up close and personal with the game while a full verison plays simultaneously on your television.

You can have viruses in the palm of your hand!

Now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for, the game that will make of break the WiiU, the one and only Super Smash Bros!

Next year we will expect to see the WiiU and 3DS incarnation of Super Smash Bros to grace our game library. The lineup is ever growing and over this previous year announcements have been made that this game will include the Animal Crossing Default Villager, The Wii Sports Instructor, and Mega Man for the first time.

Today’s announcement brought another fighter into the lineup for this massive battle royale:

Two for the price of one!

Rosalina will be joining the roster and is joined by her star companion, Luma. The two characters are commonly known for appearing in the Wii games Super Mario 3D World where Rosalina was a playable character as well as appearing in Mario Kart Wii and Mario Kart 7.

And speaking of Mario Kart, the next installment is on its way in spring of 2014!

Mario Kart 8 will include brand new features, such as air ports with actively flying planes, crafts that float, fly or even stick to walls, and tracks with objects and pitfalls ready to crush, zap, or send your racer to a nasty fall. The racer roster is massive and includes many of the fan favorites from previous games in the series. This installment will include new vehicles and graphics that are surprisingly fluid and eye popping in comparison to everything else on the WiiU console.

Sonic ain't got nothin' on Mario with an ATV.

On a personal note, from a lover of all things Nintendo, I can say I was pleased with all the great news released in this year end Nintendo Direct and with what was shown, I’m hopeful and inspired to believe that Nintendo will retain its place in gaming.

all images courtesy of Nintendo Direct 12.18.2013

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