On the Road to 2.6


Big things are lurking just around the corner for Rift. News came out a few days ago from Massively, which gave us some insight as to where Rift is going in the near future. Below you’ll find a brief summary of what’s coming in the new year.

  • Update 2.6 is scheduled to hit the test server in January.
  • New Tradeskill; Dreamweaving. Not the terrible song from the 1970’s, but a brand new profession that focuses on crafting entirely new dimensions!
  • New Raid Rifts as we work our way toward update 3.0.
  • A bigger and better Fae Yule with collectible shinies that extends into the new Storm Legion zones this time around.

In addition to the new content that is scheduled to hit in short order, Trion Worlds also went on record saying that Rift has a balanced population between the high and low levels due to old players returning to the game and new players trying it for the first time.

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