Official Press Release: Network Announces New Shows

The Quest Gaming Network
Official Press Release from The Quest Gaming Network:
The Quest Gaming Network, in association with The Middle-earth Network, is announcing a new lineup of shows. To make room on the Network for this, some of the existing shows will be merged into the new lineup. Shows being effected are:
  • Planetside: Off the Record
  • Diablo: Off the Record
 The reason for the change is to allow the shows to become more streamlined and accessible to a broader audience. With this lineup, it will allow the Network to cover all aspects of gaming, rather than just be focused on single, big hits.  The new shows to be added are:
  • Dungeon Crawler – A show devoted to the much loved dungeon-crawler genre of games. Major games this show will cover will range from Diablo 3, Torchlight 2 and so on.
  • Adrenaline Gaming – For those players who love the thrill of First Person Shooters, Fighter Games, Plaformers, etc, this show is for you!
  • The Quest Legion Podcast – From Civilization to the Total War Series, from the latest 1 player RPG and the next cutting edge MMO, the Quest Legion Podcast will help you conquer that upcoming boss or the world itself!
  • Obscure Legends – A show devoted to Indie games as well as Retro titles we all hold dear. From Minecraft to Chrono Trigger, this show will bring out memories from gaming past as well as help cement memories in the future!
With the inclusion of the new shows, the network will continue to produce it’s highly popular Elder Scrolls: Off the Record and SWTOR: Reforged with new formats that will allow the shows to flow more and keep the conversation going. The new shows will start to debut over the course of the coming month with Dungeon Crawler debuting on October 13th.
Stay tuned to the Quest Gaming Network as more details will be announced on the shows leading up to the release of the new shows!

Also, make sure to listen to the latest “Community Cast” as details regarding the changes were discussed with the senior staff of QGN.

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