RIFT: New Rogue Soul Revealed

rift-storm-legionRift announced their new Rogue soul that will be coming in patch 2.7 today. The new soul will be the “Physician” and it will be a main healing focus for Rogues. Unlike the image that first pops into mind when hearing the term “Physician” these rogues are not going to be wandering around with a doctor’s satchel and healing people with bandages. No! Instead, the Physician in Rift will be healing and shielding people by using alchemy infused archery. This seems to be a unique spin on the healing role that is somewhat like the Chloromancer for Mages (in terms of thinking outside the box and giving a different spin to the classic healer), but Rogue edition. You can read the full announcement here, as well as some supporting lore on the official Rift site.


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