100 Episodes of Elder Scrolls/Skyrim Off the Record – A Fan’s View


Back on December 7th, 2011 the Internet was introduced to a humble little show that would eventually launch a network that spans not only from the show itself, but to all of gaming in general.

Skyrim Off the Record


Formed by Evarwyn, Joe Wilson and Louis Olan, Skyrim Off the Record has been steadily recorded episodes weekly since that day in December 2011, bringing new and informative views on a game we all have grown to love. Skyrim became an essential part of thousands of people’s lives as we all tuned in to the show each week to hear the three hosts experiences, as well as get impressions on the news and notes of the week and some of the best mods. Eventually David “Dienforce” Adams would join the show, as well as a few guests hosts along the way who have since become permanent fixtures in the Network the show headlined.

Episode 23 saw a change to the show as Skyrim became Elder Scrolls. With the announcement of The Elder Scrolls Online, Skyrim OTR became more than just the single player game we all loved, and the show began to reflect that. The name change also heralded in a bevy of new discussion, but the core of the show remained the same: four guys sitting around talking about a series they loved.


Episode 45 not only saw Liz return as a guest, but also our first experience with one ShankthTank! Eventually Shank would join the show to lend his viewpoint in a more “permanent” capacity. The show didn’t change even with the inclusion of a 5th host, but rather it got better.

In October of 2012, Joe and Evarwyn were invited to visit Zenimax Online Studios in Baltimore, marking a turning point for our humble little show. Elder Scrolls Off The Record was no longer just “another fan show,” but had solidified itself as one of the “go to” spots for all things Elder Scrolls. Since that trip ESOTR has propelled our network to leaps and bounds. We have visited PAX East, E3 2013 (as media) and PAX Prime, each show with the goal to get better acquainted with ESO and the team over at Zenimax/Bethesda.

Since those trips,  our efforts to make Elder Scrolls Off the Record the best Elder Scrolls based podcast in the world have been pushed further and further along. As some hosts parted ways with the show to focus on other facets of life, ESOTR has stayed constant in one ideal: the show is about having fun in a world we all love and enjoy. Listen to each episode and you’ll still hear the same joy and fun exuded from those Skyrim Off the Record podcasts over 2 years ago. 

My personal experience with the podcast began at Episode 6: Slayer of Lambs. I immediately downloaded the previous five episodes and had a binge Skyrim-SkyrimOTR play session. Every week since I have listened to the show, at the same time each week if I can help it. I am fortunate enough to become on of those who guest hosted on an episode and then become a permanent fixture in the Quest Gaming Network. In April I will have written for QGN for two years, and since October of 2012 I have served as QGN’s News Lead/Director.It all started when I wrote my first article for what was then still Skyrim Off the Record.

Because I found the show some of my dreams have literally been realized. I was sent as a representative of QGN to E3, a lifelong goal of mine. It has given me a platform to live, breathe and talk video gaming. I have met some of my best friends working with QGN.

And to think it all started with me searching for “Skyrim podcasts” on Google one day.

So with the most sincere of thoughts, my heartfelt “Thanks” to Elder Scrolls Off the Record for being what you are: an amazing podcast with even more amazing people hosting. Congratulations on all the success, and here’s to 100 more! 



  • wow, i cant believe ive been listening to esotr for 3 years now, time flies when your having fun i guess… great article btw

  • Little Miss Rosie

    Defently a /raiseglass show, accomplishment and great staff…I find myself praising the show and the way the host/staff all go about sharing their view. It is by far one of the most mature, professional and knowledgeable shows i have come across. As a gamer, having shows, articles and videos on you tube that give you a profound knowledge about your favorite game is key. A lot of people have to be smart about how to use their money. So its essential that you get just the information from the right kind of people. Like ESO, where we have dave, the MMO expert and shank, the purist and worldwanderer in singleplayer games, Evarwyn holding the threads and Lou being the great Lou. That cocktail is what is makes the show a huge succes. You have 4 good friends, and all fans can feel the friendly competition….so lets leave it at that and i promise i will stop the praise now…I think i got my point across the table 😉

  • I Ben listening to ESOTR since EP 50 and I look foreword to next show each time !!

  • Urallmylittlebuddies

    you guys do a great job. I love listening to the show. I thought I heard during a show that there will be a ESOTR guild in ESO. what is the name of it? If you will have me I would like to join.

  • Great article I have been listening to ESOTR for a long time now I think I started listening around episode 20 or so and hevent stopped since. This show has been great to listen to even if it doesnt have any new news to talk about. Also this great show helps me get through my stressful work week. Just wanted to say thanks for doing everything you guys do and dont change a thing no matter how much cyberbully mail you get because those ppl suck!

  • In dedication of your 100th episode, I want to tell you a story about how Elder Scrolls OTR and it’s rad community LITERALLY saved my life. I have never told anyone this story before. It is very long, but it is a story that I feel must be told for selfish reasons, but also to recognize all of you. I was a party girl in my 20’s. Binge drinking pretty much every weekend, and sometimes during the week. I also should point out that there is a loooong history of alcoholism in my family. Addiction is in my blood. One day, I decided that enough was enough. I refused to be a statistic, and allow my genetics rule my decisions and my life. I am generally a happy person, but I have been through some terrible things. And a majority of those terrible things were a direct or indirect result of alcohol.

    Soon after I made the choice to take my life back, I went to visit my brother in California. He has been an avid gamer his whole life, got a gaming degree, and now has a career in the gaming field. One day during this visit, he says “you have GOT to see this game. It’s amazing.” It was an Elder Scrolls game. I had heard of these games, but never gave them a second thought before. I watched him with amazement as helped his character through incredibly realistic rolling hills, picking every flower and plant, and knocking down everything in his way. I was completely blown away.

    Now, I have been a casual gamer on and off my whole life, but was never REALLY into it. I played a lot of Nintendo as a child, but gaming in my 20’s only extended as far as the Myst series, Alice, Spore, The Sims, etc. But I didn’t have time for games, I had plans to go to “fill in the blank” Bar this weekend with my “friends”. When I returned from my brother’s house, I started to get extremely anxious. What am I going to do now that I don’t drink? Drinking WAS my social life. So I wiped my eyes, sat down at my computer, and made a Khajiit in Skyrim.

    I was dumbfounded at how much happiness this game brought me, and filled this empty hole inside me. I soon realized that I cannot deny my genetics, but just like in Skyrim, I DO have control over the choices I make. I started changing my way of thinking. Although I cannot control the fact that I am prone to addiction, I can control my vices. I am, and always will be, the kind of person who must have one thing at all times that I can obesess over in order to feel in control of my life. Having an obsession (and I use that term lightly) gives me an outlet, a chance to escape the stress and unpredictability of life. That outlet used to be drinking, now that outlet is running around Tamriel as a Khajiit thief or a wood elf marksman.

    I was happy with the change in vices, but I quickly started feeling lonely. I was single at the time, and since I had grown out of the partying phase and my friends refused to grow up, I found myself alone. All my friends still wanted to do NOTHING but go to the bar and drink. I am lucky that I stopped drinking before it became a serious issue, but at this point, alcohol was enough of a source of a lot of pain for me, that it made me sick to even be around it. So I stayed home. I became more withdrawn, and society tells you that is not healthy, so I felt like I was being further ostracized because I didn’t have a social life (chicken or egg scenario???). So I took to the internet. I was completely amazed at how many people there are out there just like me. I quickly got into the Elder Scrolls online universe, and it make me feel so much better about myself. I have since dramatically expanded my gaming, but I will never forget my roots =) Society tells us: drinking & socializing, good. Video games & no social life: bad. But I have since given society the finger. I am now married to an amazing person who loves me for who I am and what I love, and I have a wonderful stepson, who is also now obsessed with Skyrim and video games in general, and wants to make them for a living someday. I continue to be completely alcohol free, and am now a proud full-fledged member of the Elder Scrolls community. I am truly happy. And I have all of you on the podcast and in the community to thank for that. It still amazes me to this day, how a community this huge can get together and welcome complete strangers like myself with open arms, and provide the outlet to talk freely about what we love without being judged. You saved me, and don’t ever forget that.

    • Wow, Thank you so much for sharing this! This is why we started this community, to make people happy and entertain them. To create a gaming community where people can feel welcome and accepted no matter their background because of the love of the world we all have in common. We are HUMBLED you have chosen to spend you time with us and we hope to continue to show why you chose to spend time with us, and not with the other influences that can drag all of us down.

    • Little Miss Rosie

      Wow…what an amazing story you told and still have to tell. This is exactly Why i engage myself in communities like this, to be apart of making a community that embrazes al kinds of people. Its the reason Why i want to start my own streaming at one point. Thank you for telling ur story

  • Wow shootyoureyeout that was a very deep message!

    Great to hear that its helped, keep strong.

    I love the esotr guys they make me laugh and also are very informative, it would be sweet to have a gaming session with you guys 🙂


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