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Chipmunks Coloring

June 9th, 2017 Posted by Other No Comment yet

Color Alvin and The Chipmunks in this Chipmunks Coloring game. Be creative when coloring Avin, Simon and Theodore. Color the Picture.

Rift Reforged: Ep 50: The Last Hurrah!

December 29th, 2015 Posted by Podcasts, Rift Reforged - A Rift Podcast No Comment yet

It’s our last episode, but we’re not coasting – oh, no – not us! Right up until the end, we arm you with news and tidbits that will get your Riftgame, 2016 launched with a bang! Special guests with us tonight are Trion’s Ocho , Youtube’s Grim the Gamer, and the owner of Quest Gaming Network, Evarwyn — and, extra bonus, Dead Simon, who dropped puzzle teasers into our awesome chat room. Don’t miss this one!

Rift Reforged: Ep 50: The Last Hurrah!
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Friday Extravaganza Recap 10/25/13

October 27th, 2013 Posted by News Archive 1 comment

Each week, on Fridays at 1:30pm PST and 4:30pm EST, Trion Worlds hosts their “Livestream Extravaganza” that covers Rift and Defiance, hosted by Elizabeth “Dahanese” Tobey and Greg “OverloadUT”. This week was no different, as Daglar and Dead Simon joined the usual community duo and answered a ton of questions in a Q&A Free for All format. Here is what we learned:

  • Shepard’s crook costume prop/lamb pet will be in “soon” (confirmed by Simon)
  • Black/Brown Squirrel mounts previewed
  • Brown is 2400 credits in Rift store. Black is a random drop in Ltd Edition Regulos Trove box for 630 credits and at the time of this post, will be only be available for 4 more days
    Trion is working on plane touched versions of the Squirrel Mounts
  • Warrior changes in 2.5 “around the corner” Trion will give a date next week. Before the holidays (Daglar)
  • Simon said he’s making 1200 new artifacts, 150 new collections and is working on unstable artifacts as well. Might be in 2.6, possibly sooner
  • Unstable artifacts are temporary items and will disappear on you (not after you looted them, though), and will be available during certain zone events, they look blue in color. These will be available to loot for about 30 mins during their zone event
  • Each unstable artifacts collection you complete, you get a token (23 tokens so far) and you can redeem them to get a plane touched squirrel mount
  • They previewed “Exceptionally Pumpkin Dye” only available for limited time too. May come back next year
  • From release of 2.5 to 2.6 Daglar mentioned a few new Chronicles, a Dungeon, a Sliver (Tier 1 “Return to Drowned Halls), an underwater quest line and possibly a new conquest. Not sure on when new warfronts may be added in the future
  • New crafting profession before 3.0
  • No plans to combine NA/EU shards- EU to NA transfers are not possible (Daglar)
  • Patrons will have increased daily quest cap, possible increase by 10
  • PvP Dimentions (Not in the near future)


Usually these pieces of information are simply dropped on the livestream, conversationally, and without much information describing any details. The big discussion point had been the release of the previously teased squirrel  mounts, which looked like a lot of fun!

Some of the big surprises had been the reveal that a new crafting profession will be released before next year’s 3.0, plus Rift players will be receiving a release date for Update 2.5 as well as the kind of content Trion intends to add to the game between its release and the release of Update 2.6. (Namely a few new chronicles, a dungeon, a sliver and that underwater questline) These new additions to the game should add some nice variety in gameplay and I’m looking forward to hearing further details on them.

Until next week’s Friday Extravaganza Recap, don’t let goblins near your suppliers!



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