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Rift Reforged: Ep 29: Planetouched Primalists

March 16th, 2015 Posted by Podcasts, Rift Reforged - A Rift Podcast No Comment yet

News from Pax East, confirmed by Archonix’s Letter – we have big new things coming to Rift! A new calling (early signs indicate a w-i-p name of ‘Primalist’), a new zone (yes, one that Rifters have been requesting for a long while now) and omg — a new wardrobe management system!! TG is soldiering on through his malaise to bring us a special Rogue build: Softer Sin’s DPS Bard spec. Yes, you heard that right — DPS Bard! And, Enikki rounds out our time with the Ember Isle lore with stories of two very different experiences of the Kelari exodus. Come hear all about it.

Rift Reforged: Ep 29: Planetouched Primalists
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Ember Isle’s Expanding and It’s Underwater

September 25th, 2013 Posted by News Archive No Comment yet


Yesterday we brought you the breaking news that some additional locations had made their way on to the Live servers for the Ember Isle. We now have official confirmation that this is indeed the case thanks to captaincursor who made an official forum post regarding this.

“We have some upcoming content in Ember Isle, it’s true. Due to some schedule juggling the art made it onto live before the population. Feel free to explore ahead of time (we won’t stop you) but things will be much more interesting in “an upcoming patch”. We’ll talk more about this little experiment of ours later.”

The early building blocks for these locations have actually been present in-game since the release of Ember Isle back in 2010, but now these areas have been fleshed out, include more artwork and have names associated.  While there are no enemies or creatures just yet it still serves as an exciting area to preview of what the Rift team has in store for us.

If you remember back in June, during a Live Stream the developers mentioned that Rift 3.0 will have a substantial amount of content focused around the Plane of Water and let it slip that the players may see a few previews of the upcoming design before the official release. Early release of the new layout would allow the team to experiment with underwater combat and obtain player feedback to ensure that it is enjoyable.  If you can’t wait for the new underwater content, don’t fear the time may be upon us soon to fully explore this amazing area.

You can begin delving in to the added areas by accessing a new porticulum point on Breaker Point. Breaker Point is a small island off the west coast of the larger island in between the Talos Landing peninsula and the Fort Zarnost peninsula on Ember Isle. To reach Breaker Point, you can port to either Talos Landing or Fort Zarnost, then head to the west coast of the island in between, and you should see Breaker Point. It should be around [12066, 3605]. You can also see where it is on the map just below.


Towards the western edge of Breaker Point you’ll notice stairs descending into the water. This is the location where you can dive in and discover the new areas for yourself.

If you had a concern about holding your breath during your explorations, you can put those worries to bed. As you begin your descent head toward a light blue crystal-like object named Atragarian Gift, interact with it and you will be granted a 2 hour breathing buff. The crystal will also grant you a swimming buff to make traversing the zone much easier. In addition to that there are also Atragarian Gifts scattered around the area in case you were worried about the need to return for renewing these two buffs.

Making your way down further you’ll come upon the Ruins of Gakulos, the main structure is in place along with most of the plant life. Heading southwest from Ruins of Gakulos, you’ll come across what is called the Dream Furnace which can be located at [12231, 3758]. The area itself is volcanic in nature with active lava and other aesthetic components. Just be sure not to swim too close to the running lava as you can take environmental damage from it. Finally, north from Ruins of Gakulos you’ll come across the Temple of the Moon at  [11601, 3067].  These ruins are defiantly more expansive and who knows what dangers may lurk within once all of the elements are added.

Are you excited about these new areas? Where do you think you’ll go first? Let us know what you think and what you look forward to most in the comments below.

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Remembering Ember Isle

September 17th, 2013 Posted by News Archive, Rift News Archive No Comment yet

You may remember Ember Isle as the large island known for being (arguably) one of the most pretty sites in all of RIFT. Ember Isle is known for the entertaining zone events as well as the place to go when farming for planar currency. However, since the arrival of Storm Legion, Ember Isle has slowly faded away from thought, becoming more of a distant memory, instead of whats cutting edge, where players may randomly still journey in search of whatever may await them there.

Trion Worlds Mike D posted some news  on the Rift Forums, regarding the Ember Isle, an addition to the game that was added in the 1.6 patch. Mike states:

“We’ve considered a number of ideas for bringing players back to Ember Isle, but as some have pointed out, developing brand new content is usually where want to spend our resources. However, EI is one of my favorite zones as well, and I can promise that there will be some new PvE content here in the future. Additionally, Mayhem events will eventually include EI. BTW, I will give a high five to anyone who notices something new on Ember Isle on PTS.”


I think it’s safe to say that you can look forward to more having more adventures and creating new experiences on Ember Isle. What would you like to see come to Ember Isle? What is your favorite memories regarding the zone?


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