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Rift Reforged: Ep 34: FOODE for ALL!

May 4th, 2015 Posted by Podcasts, Rift Reforged - A Rift Podcast, Uncategorized 2 comments

So … just say you want to start winning warfronts, instead of just piling up kills… but you don’t usually run with a pre-made. Impossible dream? Nope – catch up with Enemy Foode as he kicks off his examination of each Rift warfront – how they work and tips for knocking off those objectives. This week, Foode’s laser beam focuses on Black Garden & Library of the Runemasters. And Liiska is here to ask Foode all those ‘noob’ questions that you are (ahem) far too experienced to need to ask — so don’t worry, no one will ever know what you didn’t know! Along with all this great new awesomeness, we have our regular awesomeness – TG’s Spec This looks at a great Shaman build, we’ve got some brilliant pieces from the Forums, highlights from Hotfix and PTS News, and a scarey story about one of Alsbeth’s ancestors – all right here! Let’s get started!

Rift Reforged: Ep 34: FOODE for ALL!
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