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Elder Scrolls off the Record 193: The Facts on Class Balance in Morrowind

April 25th, 2017 Posted by Elder Scrolls Off The Record - Elder Scrolls Off The Record An Elder Scrolls Online & Elder Scrolls Podcast, Podcasts No Comment yet

We give you the facts and our opinions on the controversial class balance changes announced this week in ESO
Elder Scrolls off the Record 193: The Facts on Class Balance in Morrowind
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RIFT Shard Unification (Update)

October 21st, 2013 Posted by News Archive, Rift News Archive No Comment yet

Last week we posted an article, regarding Rifts Unification process. Today, more information was released regarding this process. Trion Worlds will be merging its low-population shards into several of its medium-sized ones. The goal is that once these servers merge, they will have a more stable, healthy population (hopefully). The merging will occur on October 23rd for North American shards and October 24th for European shards. Below are the mergers that will occur:

North America, Oct. 23
Necropolis (PVP/Med) added to Seastone (PVP/Low)
Shatterbone (PVE/Low) added to Wolfsbane (PVE/Med)
Threesprings (PVE/Low) added to Deepwood (PVE/Med)

Europe, Oct. 24
Volan (PVP/Low) added to Bloodiron (PVP/Med)
Blightweald (PVE/Med) added to Gelidra (PVE/Med)
Argent (PVE-RP/Low) added to Zaviel (PVE/High)
Nomi (PVE/Low) added to Brisesol (PVE/Med)

Other things to consider:

  • Conflicting character and guild names will be required to change (for free).
  • Trion Worlds is also planning on making multiple languages possible on one server. Presumably, this would allow further mergers down the road using shards with different languages.
  • UPDATE: Inactive characters will have their names reset on October 23rd. To preserve your name you must log in to each inactive character before that date.
  • UPDATE: If you will go over the limit of 12 characters on a shard after the merge you will be unable to access some characters until others are deleted or moved to a different shard (more info here)
  • UPDATE: Though we can’t find a precise answer regarding whether or not the Argent shard will lose its roleplay tag, some of the RIFT team posts indicate that the designation will not be carried over (example here)

This is no doubt good and bad news for Rift players. People have already expressed there opinions in the 50+ page forum discussion. Will the bigger shard populations make up for it? What do you think? Let us know your thoughts on these mergers and how they might affect you.


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