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KD Radio Episode 3: Ten Most Wanted

March 12th, 2017 Posted by Blog, KD Radio - Your Non-Elitist/Retro Gaming Podcast No Comment yet

Join Shaline and Vendortron for two jam-packed hours of gaming talk! We take a nostalgia trip with Vendortron while Shaline gives Nintendo Switch impressions and waxes rhapsodic about the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. We also run down our most anticipated games of 2017 and beyond.

Join us next Friday, March 17 at 6pm MT for a Mass Effect Andromeda stream on Twitch!

We played a couple of game trailers during the live-streamed recording. If you’d like to check them out, here are some links.
Sea of Thieves
Kingdom Come: Deliverance
Mass Effect: Andromeda

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KD Radio Episode 3: Ten Most Wanted
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Elder Scrolls Streaming Event

July 12th, 2015 Posted by Blog No Comment yet

ESOTR will not record this week, but we’ll have a streaming event, where Evarwyn (and maybe some company), will play a little bit of each Elder Scrolls game. From Arena to ESO, join in as we lounge back and just have some fun in Tamriel. The event will begin at 9pm EDT to 11pm EDT and can be seen on our Twitch Channel. See you there!

Stendarr Scavenger Hunt ALL WEEK! Amazing PRIZES!

July 6th, 2015 Posted by Blog No Comment yet

Join ESOTR Stendarr (Daggerfall Covenant Guild) for a Week Long Holiday Event! Follow the story, posted in our forums, to find out what needs to be “Acquired” and contact the listed persons below! The First person to get all the items, will win The Grand Prize!
Details Below:

Time Date: 5pm EDT Friday July 3rd to 5pm EDT Friday July 10th

Try lady luck and work your Legerdemain skills during the Stendarr Scavenger Hunt.

This week long Scavenger Hunt will start this Friday (July 3) at 5pm and will end next Friday 5pm (July 10).

All ESOTR guilds are invited to the hunt but the items that are on the “list” will be easiest to find during the act of thievery in the Covenant lands.

The “list” will be hidden with-in a story that I will post to this thread at 5pm on Friday (July 3).

You will have a week to find the items on the list and send either myself: Branek (@findercomnet), Luviana (@luviana), Sin’kar (@dorrack), or Scales-and-Fires (@kinglegion), sweet whispers into our ears; showing us that you have collected the items required. To ease link messaging we may invite you to group to show the items to us. Please do NOT post them in guild chat or any other chat for that matter (other than to our group) due to it being rude to others not playing or trying to figure it out or win on their own, this may cause you to be disqualified from winning prizes. The four of us will be available off and on through out the week; shoot us a /whisper in game if you feel you have found all of the items, want to ask questions, or just chat.

You will not have to launder the items unless you want to due to cost but remember; the more stolen items you hold, the harder it will be if you get caught and lose them.

The first person to find all the items will win the grand prize

Prizes include:

Grand Prize; A full set of the Rare crafting styles (Ancient Elf, Barbaric, Primal, and Daedric,) an Ultra-Rare Imperial crafting style, (These styles alone are worth 10,000 crowns if you bought them in the crown store!) Plus a few Dwarven style chapters that we have found.

Second Place; 50,000 gold and some rare provisioning recipes.

Third Place; 10,000 gold and a couple of rare provisioning recipes.

Good luck and we hope to see you rummaging in game!

The “No to VR16” Petition for Elder Scrolls Online

July 5th, 2015 Posted by Blog No Comment yet

Hey All! So ZOS stated that they are going to increase the level cap in Elder Scrolls Online to VR16. In response, “Elder Scrolls off the Record” created a petition to humbly request ZOS reconsider this move.


1. The game was originally built for VR10. It has been increased to VR14 in the last year without adding more content, other than Craglorn. It has created an ‘over leveling’ issue. As you play the game into the Vet Ranks, you tend to over level the PvE content, resulting in boring gameplay devoid of challenge.
2. Going to VR16 without adding more content will weaken the current challenge of the end game, including the current Adventure Zones, Dungeons, Trials and current itemization
3. It will further create a gap b/t players in PvP
4. It represents two more levels of grinding that do not need to be there, since most of the player population isn’t even VR14 yet.
5. ZOS stated they were going to remove the VR system from the game. Adding two more VR levels is counter intuitive to this game design and will only make it more difficult for them to remove the system in the future.

To sign our petition, please click this link: No to VR16

Cyrodiil PvE Jamboree – ESOTR Meridia Guild Event!

May 29th, 2015 Posted by Blog No Comment yet

Come one, come all to ESOTR Meridia’s 2nd Cyrodiil PVE Jamboree!

Join your guildmates, this Saturday May 30th @ 1PM EST, as we yet again tackle Cyrodiil’s PVE content.

Skyshards, Dolems, Quest Hubs, & Delves OH MY!

Bring any level character you wish, just remember that it needs to be level 10. Since the AD has moved in and taken over Azura’s Star, this weekends trip will be held in the EP controlled Thornblade to make things a bit easier.

ESOTR Guild Event: Hide and Seek in the Pact

May 12th, 2015 Posted by Blog 1 comment

Event: Hide and Seek

Date: May 15th @ 9PM EST

Location: Ebonheart Pact Zones

Contact: @Nerevar-Telvanni

At the start of the event, I will announce a clue for the first location in guild chat. Once you believe you have found the first mystery location, mail me, and I will send you the clue to the next location. There are three clues and three locations total, with the 3rd location being my hiding place. The first player to find me and open trade with me will win the grand prize, runners up will get a variety of other prizes.

Guild Event: ESOTR Meridia Jester’s Day!

April 20th, 2015 Posted by Blog, ESOTR Guild News 1 comment

Jester’s Day
Rain’s Hand 28th
Be warned that today is Jester’s Day in the city of provinceName, and pranks are being set up from one end of town to the other. It is as if a spell has been cast over the community, for even the most taciturn and dignified councilman might attempt to play a joke on his relative. The Thieves Guild finds particular attention as everyone looks for pickpockets in particular.

Event: Jester’s Day

Date: April 28th, 2015 – 8PM EST – 12:00 AM EST

Location: Meet up in Davon’s Watch, Shrine of Mara Fountain.

Everyone is asked to wear the Jester’s Costume, or the Mask of Cheerful Slaughter Costume. If you do not own either costumes, the dye your armor a festive color.

Objectives for the night: Clear Sheogorath’sTongue delve in Stonefalls, and pay a visit to the Shivering Shrine to kill the world boss Aurig Mireh. The remaining time will be spent thieving from NPC’s across Tamriel. Same rules from Kleptomania will be used, only items that you would fence and not launder will be counted toward your totals. Prizes will be give out to the top three thieves.

What to Steal
You can steal whatever isn’t nailed down, but only certain items will count towards winning the competition. Items that count are of the “Fencible” kind only. Fencible = no other use for the item other than to be sold to a fence (Ragged Guar Dolls, Bone Combs, Abacus, etc). That means, no weapons, armor, recipes, consumables, crafting mats, (basically anything that a player would “Launder” for personal use).

– We recommend using “Advanced Filters” Add-On, as it can be set to display only stolen items in your inventory. Less screenshots to take.
-We will discourage any “Grid” inventory Add-On, since the item name cannot be read. If we can’t tell that it’s a fencible item, it might not be counted.
-Empty your inventory, more room for stolen stuff,
-Deposit all your gold into your bank, as guards will want to take that from you if you get carried away.
-Steal the “White” Quality items too when starting. If inventory room becomes scarce, delete one to keep space open for a possible “Green” or higher quality item.

In Order to Win
Players must submit a screenshot or screenshots of their inventory to [email protected] so their item gold value can be calculated. They must state: -In-game @name
Screenshots must be received by 12:30 AM EST.

ESOTR Guld Event: Call of the Meridia Rangers

April 17th, 2015 Posted by Blog, ESOTR Guild News No Comment yet

Call Of The Meridia Rangers
Time: April 17th @ 10PM EST

Starting Location: The Withered Tree

Storyline: After thwarting Azura’s plans to gather filled black soul gems, word has spread that she is planning to retaliate. Using her influence, she has gathered a Daggerfall army at The Lion’s Den. They are awaiting orders to swarm into the Rift. A call has been sent out to the Rangers of Merida to meet this threat before they have a chance to launch their attack.

Another mission, this one consisting of the elite group of Meridia Rangers, will sneak into the heart of Aldmeri Dominion and into the Vile Manse where Ebonheart spies have discovered where the strange shipments of black soul gems where headed to.

The group will be broken into two. One will be non-veteran players that will head into the Lion’s Den and the veteran players will head into The Vile Manse. They will gather clues that will further unravel the events surrounding Azura, the mysterious coins, and the black soul gems.

– Message @Nerevar-Telvanni in game for veteran player group invite

– Message @TheRazor for the non-veteran player group invite.

Only bows are to be used in both weapon slots and to add more challenge to this, you will be using first person mode.

Teamspeak is also required

Want to Podcast and Make Videos? QGN Will Sponsor You!

April 2nd, 2015 Posted by Blog No Comment yet

Podcasting isn’t easy. It requires a lot of time, dedication and love for the community you’re in. The upfront expenses can be out of reach for some folks, too. Lets face it, we live in troubled times, and that means you may have to put your hobbies on hold. The Quest Gaming Network understands and we want to put a microphone in front of you and software at your fingertips.

The Quest Gaming Network is looking for dedicated and knowledgable persons willing to start up a podcast about some video games, we believe, have proven to have strong communities and staying power. Once we approve your idea, we’ll begin by purchasing your recording equipment and editing software, worth hundreds of dollars, and ship them, at no cost to you. All you need to do is apply!

Send us an email at [email protected], and we’ll set up an interview with you.

Qualified Applicants Must:

  • Possess deep understanding of the game
  • Give a solid, weekly time commitment
  • Be willing to appear on camera and record live
  • Be willing to write, record, edit and upload your show in both Podcast and Video format
  • Have at least a 2 to 3 host format for your show

The Quest Gaming Network is interested in podcasts for the following games:

  • Fallout
  • Final Fantasy
  • Star Wars and Star Wars the Old Republic
  • Ever Quest
  • Lineage
  • Hearthstone
  • Minecraft
  • Any game series you believe would make a good podcast, not on this list

Currently, we are only interested in ideas that are specific to particular video games or video game franchises.

Upcoming ESOTR Guild Events

April 2nd, 2015 Posted by Blog, ESOTR Guild News No Comment yet

Guild: ESOTR Stendarr
Event: Festival of Blades
Time/Date: Friday April 3rd 9pm – 12pm EST
Meeting Place: Stros M’Kai, Port Hunding Wayshrine
Open to those who have a Daggerfal Covent character – can be a new character. Meet at Stros M’Kai (The DC ‘starter island’) at the Port Hunding Wayshrine. There will be 3 guild members disguised as Goblins hiding in Stos M’Kai at specific locations. Participants must follow clues to find each Goblin. Participant must whisper specific to Goblin when found at which point Goblin will message Guild Leader w/@name and time. Prizes will be given for first to find 1st 2nd and 3rd Goblins. Biggest prize for 1st to find all 3. Everyone will then go to the Dogeater Camp for general Goblin destruction. We will then move on to HoonDing’s Watch in the Alik’r for the story of the Redguard victory over the Goblin Giants…and general destruction will probably ensue. Meet up in the QGN Teamspeak server and message @Wray, in game.

Guild: ESOTR Meridia
Event: Cyrodiil PVE Roundup and Guild Photo Op
Time/Date: Sunday April 5th 3PM – 5PM EST
Meeting Place: Davon’s Watch, Shrine of Mara Fountain
Join ESOTR Meridia in the Azura’s Star campaign, for some Cyrodiil PVE content. We will be doing quest’s from the Cyrodiil daily quest hubs (i.e. Bruma), and search for a location and take pictures for an ESOTR Meridia Photo Op.

Meet up in the QGN Teamspeak server and message @NerevarTelvanni, in game.


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