Episode 100: The Centennial

February 21st, 2014 Posted by Elder Scrolls Off The Record, Podcasts 6 comments

This is it! The big celebration we’ve been counting up to! This week we take a look at the show, as its grown since the first episode of Skyrim Off the Record to its current state. Its packed full of laughs, memories and maybe even a little singing! Fred Woodley and Liz Lebeau guest host as we ring in The Sentinel!
Also, be sure to read, QGN News Director Joe Bradford’s editorial piece on his perspective of the show and coming to work as a member of the QGN family in: 100 Episodes of Elder Scrolls/Skyrim Off the Record – A Fan’s View

Episode 100: The Centennial

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Itan-Rus says:

nice, good job on 100 episodes, here’s to 1000 more! :)

Geoff says:

Everwyn so can you please make part 2 of the episode 100 available to all on YouTube? I got the message about not being able view the show if not signed into google. Love the show by the way cheers Geoff

Stu says:

A BIG Congratz Guys!!!

And I agree completely with Itan-Rus…1000 more sounds just fine ;)

Thanks for all the work you guys do bringing us news, info and some smiles along the way!


~ See ya in ESO ~

Jon says:

Congrats OTR! I was laughing my butt off on those songs! Although they we’re missing a bit of their charm at the end when yall’s laughter had been removed =]
QGN has become one of the go to sites i open up with imgur and gmail whenever i get on and i appreciate all the news and entertainment since I’ve been following for about the last year. So thanks and keep up the awesome show!


Thomas Duncan says:

Congrats to everybody for putting in all the work and effort and passion. ESOTR is unmatched by anyone in this genre.

Urallmylittlebuddies says:

my favorite podcast by far. keep up the excellent work!

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