Episode 97: Prelaunch Bonus!

January 30th, 2014 Posted by Elder Scrolls Off The Record, Podcasts 27 comments

This week we sit down and discuss all of your options when deciding IF you want to preorder Elder Scrolls Online and what the details of those options will be, plus we lend our opinions on the idea that you can unlock the Imperial Race in ESO by spending an extra $20. We catch up w/ the Dev Questions of the Week, since we missed last week, plus Lou presents “The Nightingales Vol: 1″ and many more little goodies throughout the show, including your emails!

Episode 97: Prelaunch Bonus!

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Robbie says:

You torture me with this description! I must wait till it is avalible as a podcast to hear the Awsomeness presented to me!!!

Zach D says:

I’ll take a different route all together on the any race any faction discussion. I think it’s completely stupid all together. I absolutely love the imperial race option but I hate the any race issue. I think it breaks down that faction pride thing what’s the point of this big faction war PvP war they have drove into our heads when I’m going to be a dunmer of the ebonheart fighting my own people on another faction it completely ruins the point of factions for me the war doesn’t make sense now….. If they want to fix the lore they could add neutral towns and people that are multi cultured. For example I know you all hate wow and all but there ate several instances of neutral towns with multiple races from both factions and I’m ok with that it’s lore friendly .. but if there were randomly 100 alliance members chilling in my horde capital in a time of war I would yell out Wtf is this I would want to chop their alliance scum heads off lol so I actually hate the entire idea of player played any race any faction characters. End rant lol tell me someone agrees with me to a degree

XtineT says:

But sometimes in times of war you make a choice that is the lesser of two evils. It’s not so cut and dried. If you think in these terms, the choice of allegiance against race related factions could happen. I think any race could decide it isn’t in their best interest to go with their assigned factions and this to me is realistic. Just my opinion. :)

shootyoureyeout says:

The more I think about, the dumber the whole ‘Pre-order debacle’ seems to me. How is this any different than if they had offered this content & these options as a $20 DLC 3 months from now? Every time DLC comes out, people who fork up the money for the extra crap will have the extra crap in-game, and those who don’t, won’t. It’s pretty genius from the business perspective to make ‘Up-front DLC’ content available to those who want to pre-order and/or spend the money to get it. If you want the extra features & content, friggin’ buy it. I don’t even see how or why there is any concern about this aspect at all.
As far as being able to play ‘any race/ any place’, I personally feel that this would diffuse my alliance loyalty….which is why I am sticking with my original alliance/race. So I am utterly confused as to why offering an additional option to the game that you have FULL CONTROL OVER is such a huge problem. ESO: “Hey guys! We are adding a whole new playable race, and opening up the entire continent to your character from the start!” Haters: “This is ridiculous! I’m not playing ESO anymore!” Wait, Whuuuuuut?!

If we as a community are going to have this argument every time they give us new content that you have to *shudder* PAY MONEY FOR, I am going to cry.

Can someone please explain to me how and why this is such an issue? And how this is any different than if they offered all this stuff as a paid DLC down the road?

And please know that I don’t mean any disrespect to those who feel that this is a rip-off or is unfair. I am just TRULY dumbfounded & would really like your insight on it. And if I sound like a jerk, I don’t mean it. I am just a highly passionate and protective fan, as I know all who read this are as well.

Also, can we continue the “make Shank feel bad about not playing ESO until he plays ESO” campaign, please?! =)

colin henderson says:


shootyoureyeout says:

Except that I am a lady =) Thanks, though!

shootyoureyeout says:

Except that I am a lady =) Thanks, though!

colin henderson says:

I feel really bad now

shootyoureyeout says:

Haha! Don’t! I am well aware that my gender is sadly a tiny minority in the realm of video games. But, it makes me feel kinda awesome that not many other women can lay claim to 1000+ hours in TES games, know specific racial bonus differences between a Khajiit, Breton, Argonian, etc and have successfully handed Alduin’s his own ass single-handedly on a number of occassions. Plus, you called me a genius….that’s pretty radical =)

caritasx says:

I am also female

At the moment I am still planning on being a dark elf with EP even with the any race bonus though I could be tempted to be a Dark Elf in DC

Jon says:

Well I think the big deal as far as the DLC goes is that there’s never supposed to be a charge for content in ESO, that’s what the sub fee is for. I personally like the whole package, and have already ordered it, but I understand where people are coming from.

Konig Talrasha says:

Well when we pay a subscription fee we shouldn’t have to pay for the “extra crap”. When the time and money they should be spending on other content for everyone is spent on garbage like this, the future of eso looks bleak. Essentially the problem is with cash shops. If they want to have cash shops and they want to have all this shit in game then they need to drop the sub fee. They have made numerous comments during development that have been completely contradicted as the game has come closer to release and this is a problem.

I also think there are two types of fanboys in gaming today. You have the fanboys who are ultra critical of any change in their beloved game and will complain about anything. Then you have the fanboys who will defend any decision the marketing team makes without fail. I believe this user falls into the later category, which is clear by the comment “I am a highly passionate and protective fan”. These companies do not need protected. They need people who are willing to stand up and challenges such foolish mistakes.

I also cant believe how on board off the record is with this. This isnt a trustworthy podcast, if anything this just proves that these people are dependent upon ESO for survival and will say anything to defend their feeder. Really disappointing and highly frustrating.

Avatar of EvarwynEvarwyn says:

Just because we dont mirror your personal opinion on our show doesnt mean we are an untrustworthy show. If you listen again, we all mention things we personally like and dislike, including Shank.
The game has yet to be released and the impact of these preorder bonuses and special editions have yet to be felt on the community. Polarizing the community before the game is launched,frankly is a job for internet trolls, and is not the kind of behavior we engage in without dire need. The cold hard facts indicate this is not dire need, despite your personal opinion.

shootyoureyeout says:

Agree. Notice that, in my comment, I CLEARLY specified that this is solely my personal opinion. I asked for additional information from those who have an opposing opinion, I was not hoping to change anyone’s mind in any way, shape or form. I truly said what I meant, and meant what I said (as I always do), that I was genuinely interested in other’s opinions on this about THE ISSUE, not for other’s opinions on MY OPINION. I proudly continue to stand by this game and the choices made for this collector’s edition based on what I know for sure, but as a ‘passionate & protective fan’, I would be lying if I said there was no bias. There is really no such thing as an unbiased opinion about anything, technically speaking. If you have something to contribute, don’t tell me that my opinion is wrong, tell me YOUR opinion & the reasons that you stand behind it. And I WILL listen to what you have to say about it, because I truly do want to hear why so many are so against these CE decisions.

XtineT says:

I think if I decide to spend my money on the pre-order and all of its incentives I should not be chastised. By no means do I have a huge amount of disposable income but I really want to play a few days earlier and I do want the Explorers pkg, and the geeky statue too.I didn’t know about the Imperial character or the freedom to choose factions it includes. I want to play a high elf and that has not changed So, why is this a problem? I am buying what I wish to have. If these things are important to you then find a way to make it happen if you can but don’t belittle the concept because you can’t/won’t take advantage of what is offered.

Progavarium says:

K I love the show, but man, this is getting annoying. ESO is a different game from the series. it is not elder scrolls VI. It is elder scrolls online. The same issues keep coming up every episode. Quit comparing it to the series! It is an MMO, you will have to pay. that’s fact. that’s how you will keep getting content, by paying.
Also, how the hell is Shank going to be apart of the show once ESO comes out? he will have no idea what anyone is talking about? Isn’t that an issue?

Progavarium says:

I wrote that before finishing the podcast. Lou is always right. He’s like bob mckenzie, he always has the answer and the wisdom! Pipe up more!

shootyoureyeout says:

Lou is the ESOTR Ghandi, if you will. A man of few words, but a damn genius when he speaks up!

Dolenz says:

Kudos to you guys for talking about the Pre-order and Imperial edition like adults and not throwing a hissy fit like the rest of the internet.

Well Done.

Cheesepleroma says:

Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t this one of the few times they all agree? Especially Dave.

Jon says:

I realized i have listened to this show a lot when i caught myself reading the Ask Us Anything posted this morning in Evarwyn’s voice lol

David says:

Well…not getting used to it and going somewhere else.

Mike says:

So in reguard to the issue of imperial gear crafting being advantageous , don’t forget that with any race on any alliance anyone playing a race not local to their alliance will still be able to sell their racial style, where it would equally rare if not more so . I don’t see this as any less of an issue

eren hursit says:

Imperial thing is kinda bugging me… I think it might be a pay to win thing (I don’t know what it will bring that is why I’m not sure.)

Col says:

Regarding playing as imperial. It’s hard to see this as anything other than a paywall feature if the only way of doing it is paying. That said – who cares. Until a week ago we didn’t think imperial was playable. Now it is. If you really fancy this, tough luck, you’re paying 20 bucks. Otherwise don’t worry.

Similarly playing any race any alliance. If you want a particular race but hated their faction, now you can choose a faction you do want to belong to. Lore breaking? Who knows. What happens at 50+/++ to get you to do the other factions? Maybe you become a diplomat. Maybe you leave your original one. I really don’t think this is anything to get worked up over.

Me, I’ll be a Nord in the Ebonheart Pact.

PS love the show but consider keeping it tighter. 10 mins to finish introductions, 30 mins to get past what you’re up to and on to the news is too much!

Burni says:

Tbh listening Evarwyn trying to make his opinion about playing any race in any faction, going from having to pay 20$ to play any race in any faction to having to just preorder the game to do it, then again having to pay 20$ to play any race in any alliance, then then again saying being a preorder bonus and then again saying you have to pay 20$ to play any race in any faction was incredibly annoying…

Ageofchronic says:

i think Evarwyn hit the play any race any faction nail on the head, if the minority becomes the majority the entire system breaks down and it no longer makes much sense. i don’t disagree with an in game means of unlocking the ability but it needs to be challenging enough so everyone and their dog can do it. Who knows the factions jumpers may even be treated like traitors to some players and embraced as spies by others, adding new RP options. Also, 20$ for the imperial race should not put you off of the game, if this is all it takes for you to jump ship, then walk the plank and be eaten by slaughterfish because this game is more to offer than that.

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