Classic Elder Scrolls Night 4: The Good, The Bad and The Dave

January 25th, 2014 Posted by Classic Elder Scrolls, Elder Scrolls Off The Record, Podcasts 5 comments

On this episode of CES, we welcome Dave “Dienforce” Adams as a guest to the show (we apologize in advance)! We cover topics such as “Magicka’s Decline”, “Will We Ever Have that Experience that oblivion Gave Us?” and “Did Skyrim Ruin Anything for You?” and many, many more! Plus Mori’s random lore book of the week and John’s mod of the week! All this while Evarwyn fails miserably playing the Dark Brotherhood in Oblivion!

Classic Elder Scrolls Night 4: The Good, The Bad and The Dave

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mitch says:

This episodes the same as yesterday

mitch says:

I mean The audio is the same as the elder scrolls alliance 3 audio

LJoker says:

Spells characters in TES games are been dumpdown.
I miss the time when we had a big variety of spell to use.
Spell costumization was one of the best parts of Morrowind.
– Making very very powerfull spells with damage equivalent of smithed weapons.
– Jumping thousand of miles through air.
– Flying, walking on water, teleknessis and other mystic spells.
I love thouse things and I miss them.

Youssef says:

Hey great show as always guys. Was wondering if you can do segments or skits like the original show?

Also after playing this game for over two years now I still run into place I have never been. Might be cool to mention some places that are out of the way worth looking at. Like Hablds lighthouse, and other ruins and mountain paths while you play, etc. Love the discussion topics as well.

I also enjoy listening to all your old shows as well, my job gets really dull haha. An idea I wanted to throw at you guys is host this show but with someone who has never played the game before and have him/her play it with their commentary and yours as well. Just an idea though.

Again great show overall and hope you guys keep this going. Look forward to the next show and all the others.

Jack A. says:

I think you’d be hard pressed to find someone working at QGN who hasn’t played TES.

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