Episode 93: Christmas in Tamriel

December 20th, 2013 Posted by Elder Scrolls Off The Record, Podcasts 3 comments

In our final episode of the year, we discuss this week’s latest news in Elder Scrolls Online! Tons of information was released, if you knew where to look! We cover “Ask Us Anything: Progression” from last week, “Q&A with Brian Wheeler” hosted by Ten Ton Hammer, discuss the Emperor’s Armor Set concept art that ZoS released and an analysis of the launch date announcement done by Lou presents: “The Abadal’a: The memoirs of Morihaus, consort to Alessia” in The Elder Scroll. As an added bonus, we have a new feature to the show “This Week in Tamrielic Holidays” where Evarwyn will discuss any holidays on the Tamrielic calendar for that week. We also have a very special Christmas themed Crafting Table, plus your emails, and be sure to tune in at the very end of the show for a special thank you from Evarwyn and a favorite Christmas song. We’ll see you, bright and early in 2014, as our next recording date will be Jan 2nd! (Or should we say “Morning Star the 2nd” Be safe, have a blessed Christmas, and a Happy New Year!Episode 93: Christmas in Tamriel

Episode 93: Christmas in Tamriel!

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mac says:

I can’t download either! Evarwyn, you fail this is what saves me at work.

Gary says:

Why does the link only play and not download anymore?

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