Episode 89: The Road Ahead

November 14th, 2013 Posted by Elder Scrolls Off The Record, News Archive, Podcasts 4 comments

This week we look ahead, in many ways. First up, we speculate a little bit on what made Skyrim so popular for Bethesda and what that might mean for an Elder Scrolls VI. ESO fans wont be disappointed this week, as we discuss some very exciting comments made by PC Gamer, in their 9 page exclusive on Elder Scrolls Online! Lou presents his second part to “Vampires” in ‘The Elder Scroll’, plus ‘The Crafting Table’, your emails and The Elder Scrolls Online Dev Question of the Week!

Episode 89: The Road Ahead

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Savetti says:

Hey guys, Great show. I have been listening for quite some time now and never miss a show. love it!
I was wondering what each of yalls thoughts are on Player Housing and if you think it will be in ESO and what yall think of player housing in general. I would like to see a show that talked a lot about player housing in ESO.


Ragnarlothbrook says:

I ALSO would like to hear your thoughts on player, or guild housing for that matter in ESO as i think its main competitor atm (Wildstar) has already gone into great detail about its available and rather unique style of player housing. also WoW’s Next X-pac is adding in player owned Garrisons, customization and upgradeable, (phased in for each player so it is player owned but you can bring your friends in by grouping up.) so yeh, now that WoW, and Wildstar both will be adding in player housing, do you think They should implement it in ESO?

Rio Reiser says:

Hey guys,
just want to leave a big thank you for 89 episodes of Skyrim off the record. I was a bit depressed to hear The Wigit leaving QGN but I am hoping he wil return for a cameo or two. Either way thanks Joe and good luck to everything you are up to.

Still, I feel you have a great bunch of hosts and I am looking forward to countless episodes of Elder Scrolls of the Record. I have to admit that I really enjoyed the recent episodes where there was not much news from ESO and you still put together a great show like this time or in the “A return to your roots” episode. Keep up the good work and cheers from Germany!

LJoker says:

Everytime you guys talk about Morrowind I want to make a remark:

“Morrowind was a game alot ahead of is time”.

It was the first time we could find lots of gameplay features in one game.
There was no PC at the time able to play Morrowind with full graphical features when it came out.

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