New ESO Video Details Character Creation

October 17th, 2013 Posted by News Archive 4 comments

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ZeniMax Online Studios released a new video today showcasing the deep levels of character creation in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Character creation has long been an important feature for Elder Scrolls games, and ESO will be no different. In the video we are shown some of the features that will be customizable, including weight, height, tattoos, facial options, hair styles, and more.

The video is a couple minutes long and runs through many different character sets that you might see, both male and female for the many races in the game. It really gives viewers an idea of just how powerful the character creation tool really is.

My Takeaway

Having spent some time with the game at E3 and PAX Prime, I can say the character creation screen is no joke. I probably could have spent my entire session sitting and customizing my character to be perfect, but I just wanted to get in and play. But character creation is something I usually spend a long time working on anytime I start and Elder Scrolls game (especially for the first time), so the fact that ESO will have so much customization, especially in a game world where there will be thousands of other players running around, it’s great they are providing ways for players to get their own unique look.

This is certainly only my opinion, but I’ve spoken before about my concern that in Elder Scrolls Online it will be hard for me to believe that I am truly the hero in this world since there will be so many other players there. But character customization is one thing that will really help make it more believable for me. The problem with simply turning Skyrim into a multiplayer game would be that, even though there are many customization options, in the end, most of my Nord characters end up looking the same, and the same goes for the other races. I find it hard to make a character that looks unique without making them look like a horrible beast (unless that’s what I’m going for). If the customization options are deep enough in ESO that I can truly create a unique character that is all my own, then believing that my actions are what will save Tamriel will come easier.

The Elder Scrolls Online launches in 2014 on PC, Mac, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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Jack says:

Very happy the creation is so in depth but i won’t be using it. What I mean is i have the artistic integrity of a squirrel and my nord always ends up looking like a deranged lesbian woman, which would be perfect, if that was what i’m going for, unfortunately I’m not. So i get my twin and say, ‘Make it look like me, and walk out.” It’s always amazing to see what she comes up with, and somewhat humiliating. “My guts not that big! What’s with my nose?”

broken_psyche says:

I’m happy to see more information on character creation. I already have certain aspects and features to my first character that I would like to achieve with this system.

First up, he’s going to be a fat Khajiit. Probably with a tawny pelt with some spotting on it similar to a Jaguar.

What I would like to be able to achieve is a fairly ugly look that differs quite considerably from the ‘pretty’ looks most players will probably try and do. If ESO’s creator allows me to do this, I’m a happy camper.

Now, all I need is more information about crafting systems ….

P.S. At the time of my post, your video link isn’t working.

Daniel C says:

Good good. I am really happy to see more official info and video of how character creation works in ESO. I have played ESO at a couple events, but not in the actual beta yet. Since I only had a very limited time of hands on during the sessions, I did very little on character creation.
The main thing I am concerned with is the height slider.
Height always gets me in MMO’s because it’s hard to tell what the average height is. Breaking the slider in thirds helps. But with no lamp or sign post, or door, or other characters/NPC’s to compare my character with them it is annoying that I would get my character looking nice and spiffy to my liking, then get in game and look odd compared to everything else..
So it would be nice if there was a static object or some different ones to compare height for continuity and accuracy.

It’s also nice to see that color pallet, hair, and “paint” are in theme with what ever race is chosen.

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