Announcing: The ESO Alliance!

October 14th, 2013 Posted by Elder Scrolls Off The Record, News Archive, Podcasts 6 comments

The brand new show, for producers of Elder Scrolls podcasts and fansites ONLY, will star QGN’s Elder Scrolls Off The Record, ShoddyCast and Tamriel Foundry. Each month, we will feature a member of the ESO fansite/podcasting community. This month, we will feature Force, from Force Strategy Gaming. The show will recap the latest month in ESO news, lend opinions on these issues, raise their own ideas and debunk recent misconceptions amid the internet about Elder Scrolls Online.

ESO Alliance will be hosted on the Quest Gaming Networks Twitch Channel at 7pm EST on 10/18, here: Quest Gaming Network Twitch Channel

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therapists says:

Just wondering is this replacing ESO Allstars?

Avatar of EvarwynEvarwyn says:

Not at all. ESO Allstars, from what we understand, is still going to happen. We don’t run that show, though, so we don’t have the final decision. However, we are available for it, so long as that show continues to run.

Moricu says:

Awesome, gonna get me some popcorn and my new Aldmeri Dominion shirt

Jack says:

I hope this doesn’t come off as rude or douchey, but how does this new show differ from ES all stars?

shootyoureyeout says:

Hey Hammerfellas! I have a question about this. I am not hip to the Twitch scene just yet, and was wondering if these were going to accessible for later viewing, or if you must watch it live when it airs? Thank you!

crilliver says:

Podcast in 3…2…1…GO GO GO

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