Elder Scrolls OTR Episode 80: The Best Episode Yet! Part Deux

August 29th, 2013 Posted by Elder Scrolls Off The Record, Podcasts 5 comments

bestepyet 1024x594 Elder Scrolls OTR Episode 80: The Best Episode Yet! Part Deux

Dave Dienforce Adams, Lou “The Loremaster” Olan, and Shank Th Tank bring you the second “Best Episode Yet!” while Evarwyn and Joe TheWigit Wilson are at PAX Prime. The trio discusses many hot button issues as well as covers news from Gamescon.

Episode 80: The Best Episode Yet! Part Deux

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Gavin says:

I have to agree with Shank about the rating. I think it will be “T” but I hope it is “M”. I loved the second greatest episode ever. Keep up the amazing work!

Ragnarlothbrook says:

i just saw Dienforce’s pic for the first time and thought they were joking about the pony-tails… ROFL… awsome, but yes i am also concerned about the games rating. without an M rating you are sure to see the game lack in maturity much like other MMO’s like WoW or the up and coming Wildstar that actually revels in its T rating and just makes a joke of the whole game. i really dont want to see that in ESO and i think we will considering some of the models we saw being very cartoony in many vids as well as the lack of blood or gore seen in any videos. you would think cutting down a small army of goblins would be a bloody ordeal but i dont remember seeing any blood at all in the Quake-con vid.

Ragnarlothbrook says:

not that blood is required for a good game but it is the little details like seeing some blood effects when you hack into an enemy with an axe or seeing the blood mud and grime on some creature in the blackmarshe swamps that really make the game feel immersive and add a sort of danger to whatever you add it to. do you think Skyrim would be the hit game it is if you couldnt decapitate an enemy or if all the forsworn were clean with proper haircuts? HELL NO! the game would have been a flop or joke OR the modding community would have modded the shit out of it till it was to their liking. when i charge the enemy ranks in eso on my Plate, sword and board Templar (goin for a paladin build) i want to be able to hack into my enemy and see the blood and mud fly on the battlefield. not just see the little pings or sparks fly off them like we saw in the Quake-con vid which was down right corny if you really look at it. i want to see arrows sticking out of enemies fallen bodies and feel that terror and excitement on the battlefield because of it, not look at it like a cartoon and not take any of it seriously.

Ragnarlothbrook says:

I dont understand why more people dont make the rating a big deal like they did the true first person. we need more people to make a point that they want an M rated game to allow for the more mature themes and not for ESO to be another kiddy mmo that pokes fun at the fact that it is Rated T like wildstar…

Maskoz says:

Great podcast. I just wanted to pass along for I think one of the last emails about making skyrim awesome that Gogher has an amazing series for new modders and explains things so well that someone needs to give him a job! Since I basically bought Skyrim as my first open world rpg game I was super excited when I learned about modding and have been a super fan of his since day 1 with his mod reviews. I can’t speak highly enough about his ability to explain to modding newbies how to make things work.

Thanks for making my drive to work more bearable!

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