Anthology Does Not Mean the End of the Elder Scrolls Series

August 2nd, 2013 Posted by News Archive 5 comments

In case you were concerned that with Bethesda’s upcoming release of The Elder Scrolls Anthology they were done making new Elder Scrolls games, you can rest easy.

Pete Hines, VP of PR at Bethesda, confirmed (or implied, really) that just because Bethesda is releasing a boxed set of all the five major Elder Scrolls titles, that doesn’t mean they are done making new titles in the series.

image 300x2771 Anthology Does Not Mean the End of the Elder Scrolls Series

So rest easy single player Elder Scrolls fans, it sounds like there is more epic adventuring in the works down the road.


Grog says:

This is typical in game cycles. There are very fat and lean times. Reboxing previous Intellectual Property helps to fill in the valleys. It also shows the market is strong enough to accept this offering.

Old Elder Scrolls games have held up well and still price well and sell for twice what the Fallout games and others do

It Bullish for TES

aaron says:

Why would it be done, They still have the other provinces to do and well as the other continents on Nirn. Considering the heavyweight success of this franchise, it can go on forever.

kamrom says:

That they actually came out and said they are making more troubles me. Because they came out and said they had a lot more content for Skyrim planned… Before suddenly revealing they were never going to work on it again, even to fix the megabugs.

So their claiming they arent going to stop making games is probably evidence that they are. Bethesda has this problem with lying.

Ragnarlothbrook says:

hell with the kind of lore and back-story in TES im surprised ppl haven’t started writing books or making movies based in Tamriel. the sheer scope of TES lore-wise almost rivals Tolkien, if they only made their own languages for the Mer-races and im not talkin of the baby-talk languages of made up words you see in games like WoW.

ANON M says:

they do happen to have their own languages for the mer, though its in bits and pieces for the differnt elven, and even beast and man races… maybe oneday they will release a dictionary for them… it is what i would do…

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