PAX Day 2: ESOTR’s 2-Hour Playthrough with ESO – First Impressions

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You’ll want to stay tuned to Elder Scrolls Off the Record in the coming days, as we have a TON of new stuff coming for you. First of all, hop online right now to prepare for a special edition of the show, airing on our Twitch channel. The  guys will be breaking down some of their experiences and takeaways, and much more.

So in the coming days you’ll be hearing audio interviews from Nick Konkle, Paul Sage, and Brian Wheeler. They’ll be sharing experiences from their two-hour play test, things they observed in-game, how the game has changed since Joe and Evarwyn previously experienced it in the alpha (there have been some significant changes), and everything else you could possibly hope to know about Elder Scrolls Online at PAX East.

We have so much Elder Scrolls goodness for you, and we’ll keep you updated with everything we know. Stay tuned!


The Elder Scrolls Off the Record crew got to experience The Elder Scrolls Online with a two hour playthrough on Sunday, and wanted to share a few of their first impressions and takeaways. We’ll have much more detail for you later today.

The first thing Joe and Evarwyn noticed was that quite a bit had changed from their previous experience in the alpha version of the game back in October. The game seemed much more polished, and the skill system had changed a bit as well. Where you used to get skills as you leveled, now you get skill points to put toward what you want to level up.

There are basic skills trees for things such as weapons and armor, and they include passive and non-passives. You can even get augmented skill points, and seek out “sky shards,” which encourage more exploring and unlock more skills.

They also noted that the world feels very intuitive, and that just by wandering around and exploring, you end up finding quests without even trying. It felt even more like an Elder Scrolls game than it did during the alpha.

Wigit expressed that Dave was on cloud 9 with excitement after playing, so any concerns he had going in seem to have been washed away. He and Lou spent their entire time grouped up together in a party, doing the same quests, but intentionally making different choices and taking different paths, just to see how it worked. Even though they made completely different choices, they were always together, never being forced to make a decision in order to stay with the group. It is clear that you can truly play your own game and not worry about what story your friends are playing out. It’s all about you.

There is more to come later today, stay tuned!

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Bobby J says:

Poor Shank only got a grilly cheese! Dave and Lou teaming together in tamriel kicking butt and being bros.

BroScottcho says:

Awesome! I can’t wait for the full article.

Grimmhelm says:

Is the landscape zoned like in WoW?
Can you side step shots from an archer like you can in skyrim/oblivion/morrowind?

Grimmhelm says:

Is the landscape zoned like in WoW?

Can you side step shots from an archer like you can in skyrim/oblivion/morrowind?

Dienforce says:

“Cloud 9″ is a vast understatement.

[...] PAX Day 2: ESOTR’s 2-Hour Playthrough with ESO – First Impressions [...]

billtech66 says:

11/23/13 ESO review;
I REALLY like that there are no useless blinding special effects during combat! :)
(In Guild Wars 2, I often can NOT find my mouse curser! during multiplayer combat.)

My biggest complaint, is
1. loot:
basicly almost NONE.
In the beta, that was what happened. Not like GW2 where everyone tells the map where a big Chest or Mob is, since EVERYONE gets loot from it, in ESO, it’s first come first serve. Ninja looters are encouraged in this pathetic game.
This is a major backslide!! (IMO)
To make that issue worse, there have been NO drops from kills (so far for me 4 hrs playing) and chests are also rare and usually empty. Already looted. Re spawn unknown, and likely not at the same spot to avoid camping.
Same with the not very often found boxes or any other (rare) container, already opened, empty, and when their IS something in them it’s food or crafting material, never armor or weapons. (when I first played, with fewer players online, they were more accessible, not all empty, after a while, 99.5% of everything was EMPTY.)
AND, Much less of the environment is interactive than Skyrim.

2. Aside from the positive of having no fireworks during combat, combat is not fun.
To me it feels awkward, not sure action follows key press, delayed? or there is a built in delay, so clicking too fast overrides the last press?? dunno.
But to me it doesn’t work.
Strafing to avoid hits sort of works but not really, since the mob keeps you targeted just fine. (Fine for him)

3. Quests:
I had a choice of 3 crew members to find, but when I picked the first one to see what it was about, I became locked into that one crew member quest, with no option to choose another one.
Feels LINEAR! I HATE predestined games! I want to be in charge. NOT the devs. I need choices, options, FREEDOM!
Don’t know if this game has them but the worst thing that has entered Single Player games is the quicktime movies, where you have NO choice of the outcome.
I rent a movie if I want to WATCH something someone produced.
In a game I want as much freedom as POSSIBLE.

I’m not giving up yet. but so far, not looking good.

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