The Elder Scrolls: A Role-player’s Dream

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In the early episodes of “The Elder Scrolls Off the Record,” one of the ways our hosts recommend playing the Elder Scrolls is by role-playing your character. Most players will just create a character and hop in the game, but a select few will truly create a character. Yes, the creation tools in The Elder Scrolls are very detailed and deep, but merely choosing the outward appearance of someone doesn’t “create” them. The creation of backstory, familial ties, and an overall personality truly give the game a sense of depth that it otherwise wouldn’t have.


The Lore Involved

While the choices and history of this person are totally up to you, the game world itself with directly influence your character development. Obviously race, geography and so on are already established in the game, but there are also certain events that can have an impact on why your character is the way he/she behaves in game. Some one who RPs an Argonian may not be so kind to Dunmer NPCs or Player Characters due to the treatment the Argonians have suffered in the past. Or maybe your Argonian is the exception to this attitude and therefore is an outcast to the rest of the denizens of Black Marsh. Because of the Lore behind this race, it will effect how you should play your character.

Any good game world has an established base completely devoted to learning the lore behind the game. Any highly detailed world for that matter has a group of fans devoted to studying everything there is to know about this secondary world. This is the hallmark of a truly great series. Take me for instance: my Twitter handle is LOTRLore. You can probably guess what I am constantly in search of: more information regarding Tolkien’s Middle-earth. In fact, LOTRO is a great example of a phenomenal base in which to successfully role-play. The continuity and reverence to the established cannon by the author is the measuring stick by which all other fantasy worlds are compared. The Elder Scrolls is no different. While being one of the most highly detailed and consistent game worlds, it still has a lot of empty spots to fill. This is where you can come into play.

The Elder Scrolls Online does establish a major conflict in the timeline of Tamriel: Molag Bal with the help of the Necromancer Mannimarco, has stolen your soul and you are on a quest to reclaim it from his. Along the way you will help others in need by completing deeds and quests. But that’s where it stops. It is up to you as a player to create another reason why you play. Why does your character help innocents? Is it because they have vowed to a dying relative to always do good in this world? Another example could be that your heavily armored knight is fond of crafting metals due to a sister who perished when the Imperials attacked. This drives you to become the best craftsman in all of Tamriel. So many possibilites, but it’s up to you to discover them.


BoneCollosusBattle1 600x337 The Elder Scrolls: A Role players Dream

Maybe he stole their lunch money?


Why Should I Role-play?

While most people when they picked up the single player games  created a character and got on with the story, eventually the drive starts to simmer as to why you are playing to begin with. This happened with me. My first character in Skyrim was an Imperial traditional “Sword and Board” character with no purpose other than to complete quests and fill time between work and sleep. After a few weeks I noticed I started getting bored with this character. While I was having fun playing the game itself, the way I was playing caused me to lose interest. By that time I had just stumbled upon what was known then as “Skyrim: Off the Record.” A tip from Joe and Evarwyn saved my gameplay for this character and helped in the creation of two more people to play with. The tip was simple: role-play, or you might lose interest. Why is your character driven to greatness? Is your character good, evil or both? Was there a fall of grace that influences your Breton’s change from specializing in Restoration to Destruction? Creating a character and role-playing them adds a layer of depth to the game that the developers cannot add for you. Yes, building the appearance of the character you will be spending the next 100+ hours looking at is deep and complex, but are you building a character you would want to spend those hours with?

Role-playing also allows the creative juices flowing, especially in RP circles. Establish a group of friends with a common purpose and the fun becomes even more. It’s an experience that just cannot be replicated in any other game genre on the market at the moment. Sure, your Skyrim character is totally BA with his Necromancy-dagger wielding self, but with no one to share it with in the end it just becomes just another combination o
f pixels on your screen. The MMO adds another element that the single player games just cannot: human interaction. With other people to share in your RP sessions, not only does this allow for you to include more characters to your story, but forms friendships that will last because of your mutual love for storytelling.


photo 1 600x450 The Elder Scrolls: A Role players Dream

It all starts here…


A Custom Way of Storytelling

Everything in The Elder Scrolls Online screams “customization.” From the weapon and armor combination you choose to play as to the alliance and guild you join, every step of the way you are telling the story of your character. Each swing of your swords adds another note to the symphony that is your character’s life. So why not add an element of storytelling to this great game? While the game itself will tell a story all it’s own, your choices from the time the opening cinematic  assuming there are any, ends till you click the “log out” button in the game will determine the type of experience you have. Are you following a character who’s sole purpose in life is to root out Evil and Necromancy where it may dwell? Or perhaps you are hunting down a den of Vampires to avenge the loss of your betrothed, whom they killed. What ever the story you give, this will constantly make the game seem refreshing and new.

Piggy-backing on this, to finish the story with my original Skyrim character, once I heard someone suggest making a full on personality and character history, I tried it with my Imperial. He was in Skyrim because he fled political persecution by the Imperial government, only to be picked up in Skyrim by the guards at the border. Once freed, thanks in part to Alduin’s help, he joins the Stormcloaks as a way of fighting back against Imperial rule. Knowing that the Thalmor were the true reason why the Empire acted the way they did, he sought a way to rid Skyrim and eventually Tamriel as a whole from the Thalmor plague.

Because I was able to set this story up, it made me play my character in such a way that instantly brought life back into a game I was thinking of shelving. All of my characters have intricate backstories, such as my Destruction Assassin Nord who fought for the Imperials, or my heavy-armored Redguard just trying to earn enough money to send back to his family in Hammerfell.

This is in fact much more interesting when you have more people joining in the storytelling fun. ESO will provide that to it’s players. The fact remains this: will you join in the RP revolution and truly immerse yourself in this world? Or is this just another game to sink time into? No matter the choice you make, it in the end isn’t the wrong one. That is the joy of MMOs and the Elder Scrolls series in general: Play the way YOU want to play. The developers just give us the tools to glean more and more enjoyment out of a project they spend hundreds of hours carefully cultivating. Who knows, maybe you guild’s story is so good, it will forever be written down as true Elder Scrolls Cannon. That is beauty of it, and why you can catch Eldalye Ancalima, Altmer Archer and Illusionist forever fulfilling his goal in reclaiming the White-Gold Tower for the Elves. Won’t you join me?

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Inajira says:

Great article. Makes me want to join a RP guild this time around.

luke says:

I agree Skyrim, as vast as it is, loses some purpose without any back story. I can’t think of a better game to begin RP’ing. My hope is that ESO will encourage each player to forge their own history and purpose.

Scarlin says:

me two i hope we get to make are own story up

Greg says:

If you get bored see how many cities you can take down as a werewolf in Skyrim.Trust me its fun!

P.S. I’ve only took down Solitude so far.

Marduk lord of house fellheart says:

me and some of my friend are starting a rp guild for the ebonheart pact called the death company the idea is that we are a small band of warriors who have lost all they once stood to protect and now simply live to defend destroy those that oppose the pact and avenge their loss we will focus on pvp as a guirella band and be generaly baddass

Chrymzon says:

Sorry, elf. I shall be the greatest Nord in the land! My kin are the strongest of the races and the most deserving of control over Tamriel. I have a sympathetic soul, so if you do not stand in my way perhaps you will be spared from my Axe, but if we do cross paths beware! For your fate will be in my hands.

AvenTheNord says:

Yes Chrymzon you are right the Nords are the strongest of the races and we do deserve the control over Tamriel. I am glad to see that the blood of Ysgramor still your veins. One day we may raise are axes together. Talos and the Master guide you.

Anak the Dark Elf of house Rehgare says:

I am a Dark Elf of the ancient house Rehgare. My name…. is Anak. I love the bow, the sword and the magic equally, and I am good with them all. I will fight and die for the Ebonheart Pact, as is my duty. Aven the Nord, and Chrymzon, I will fight by your side until my sword brakes, and I spit blood at mine foes, and go join the glorious dead of my ancestors. One day Aven I will raise my sword with your ax, and it will be a good day to die. May the One, and all the honored dead, guide you.

M'niva says:

M’niva is Khajiit, born of the sands of Elsweyr and the Moon that guides our every step. This one who speaks is courageous, but so much bravery can lead to recklessness, no?
Watch where you step, or the world may swallow you whole. Perhaps stepping outside of your wasteland of bitter cold would be unwise. Perhaps not.
M’niva would wish for your roads to lead you to warm sands, but you are more likely to find ice and death in your path.

Strike the Argonian of clan Sangvinare says:

Aven the Nord, this one offers his sword, bow,and magic in service to the Ebonheart Pact; it will be an honor to fight and die beside one as noble as you. It will be good to crush the accursed elves and Imperials beneath us. May the good ones make the path before your feet ever clear.

Strike the Argonian of clan Sangvinare says:

Aven the Nord, this one offers his sword, bow, magic in service to the Ebonheart Pact; it will be an honor to fight and die beside one as noble as you. It will be good to crush the accursed elves and Imperials beneath us. May the good ones make the path before your feet ever clear.

Arrek of Clan Felstorm says:

Aven the Nord, you are of a proud and noble race, much like this one. It is a true shame that the dividing line of war is planted so firmly between us. Arrek cannot say the same for you, Anak, however. You speak of honor, and yet your races’ history is drenched with the blood of the innocent. Should our paths cross, my bow will find your heart, my sword your throat, and my magic will rend you limb from limb. May all who are truly noble find guidance.

Faadih says:

Sorry, drunken Nord… But you do not stand a chance against the brute, clever, swift, intelligent and wise team of Daggerfall covenant. With our Barbaric strenght of the orcs who build the best Orcish armour in all of cyrodiil and the clever craftmanship of the Bretons included with their natural mastership of magic sided with the swif, deadly, unseen and unheard movements of the Redguard, we WILL crush you. either step aside or feel the wrath of Daggerfall covenant!

AvenTheNord says:

HA I’VE FOUGHT MUDCRABS MORE FEARSOME THAN YOU! it is you who do not stand a chance against the Ebonheart pact the Nords, Dark elves,and Argonian will Be the Victors. So flee why you can or Sovngarde a whats you.

Duran Baren-Vel says:

hmph,your little clan is nothing.You have been and always shall be outsiders.I shall not lie and claim respect for you milk-drinker.The White-Gold Tower stands idle,kingless.Your guild along with the small armed elves and their cats shall not leave a scraatch or burn upon our armor as we plunge our men into battle.We shall leave the battle stronger,tougher,and smarter than when we arrived.Ye shall look upon us as a legion of the empire.As we were meant to be.EBONHEARTS,SHEILD UP!We have a little challenge…

Makavi says:

Your orcs don’t stand a single chance against our ice-hard nords and their battle axes! Argonians were always swifter and deadlier with their stealth and sword skills than any redguard could ever master! And we! Dunmer, we bring total destruction and mayhem with our top level magic skills!
Beware Ebonheart pact, as we will crush you like bugs >:D

theLion says:

I myself am a Breton, skilled with blade, heavy armor, and magic, but was raised by the kind heart of the Khajits of Elsweyr, and have earned the title of “The Lion” for my courageous actions in battle… I must admit myself torn by this upcoming conflict. Do I side with my brothers of blood, or of bond? Should I take up a banner which represents all which I have been raised to despise? Or take up arms with those whom have showed me love my entire life?

Gilan Aubk'i says:

So it has seems your Kahjjit “Family” has sworn fealty to a Queen who has no interest in the succes of the people of Elswyr. Fight for the true High King and return to your homeland!

Gilan Aubk'i says:

I’m with you Faadih! For the Daggerfall Covenant! FOR THE HIGH KING!!

Scraminal says:

Sorry Nords. You aren’t even freinds with argonians and dark elves in Skyrim. You back stab them within a millenium. Daggerfall Covenant Ftw. Redguards are awesome characters, and with the blood curdling Orcs and Magic weilding mer-men, the Bretons, standing behind us you shall be obliterated.

gloonkey says:

Aven i see a fellow hopeful for the ebonheart pact has come to join the cause, let us drive the elves and their toadies out of tamriel!!!

AvenTheNord says:

Yes Gloonkey with the swords and the ax we shall drive the elves and there cats out of tamriel because I WILL BE DEAD BEFORE I SEE THE WHITE GOLD TOWER IN THE HANDS OF A ELF. (this does not include the dark elves)

Wood Elf Maernal says:

My story is simple. My mother was a wood elf. but my father was one of the greatest Shadowscales in the Blaceveryk Marsh. They raise me, a wood elf assassin who is sworn to kill everyone that the king of the Black Marsh wants. But over time, i was getting bored. So i travelled all across tamriel and found my spot- Under the protective arms of Ulfric stormcloak. And from that, i was sworn to kill any elves in the province of Skyrim.


Wood Elf Maernal says:

*Black marsh

Bygz says:

I am wood elf, i give all da ladies of Skyrim good wood….

Anak the Dark Elf of house Rehgare says:

Thank you, Aven, for remembering your allies. One day we will stand at the top of the White Gold Tower together.

Marduk lord of house fellheart says:

not if i get there first kinsman

Scarlin says:

so you going for nord me tt

This is a wonderful Article! If anyone is looking for a RP guild to join before this game comes out, or is thinking of looking into it, I and my very close friend have created the beginnings of a traveling merchant caravan guild, feel free to check it out and send a request or message me with questions about our guild.

This is our website –

This is our Tamriel Foundry Guild Page -

Kulak Gro-Skhal says:

I myself am an elf, though not entirely. I am an Orc, a strong, proud, and noble one at that. Your Dominion killed my brother and The Empire killed my Father. I WILL NOT rest until I have slain all the dominions dogs. After that I will hunt down the empire like the rabid animal it is. For if we meet and you do not side with Daggerfall I will leave you head on a Pike.

~ Can’t wait for this game :D see you all in pvp and rp >:) ~

ALotToKill says:

Then you better hope for a very long respawn rate or you will never get any rest.

Marduk lord of house fellheart says:

sure but it will be your death to cross me or my clan

Hamvir says:

Great Article indeed!
I am so exited about The Elder Scrolls Online, so much Roleplay potential.
I really hope there will be many Role-play supporting options in the game.

Kan says:

Great article, i agree to every word of it.
I can really understand you, i had to same problem starting playing Skyrim.
Sures its fun, you kill everything, do quests, kill some more…
But at a point it just gets a bit repetive.
Im a RPer in heart so after a few plays i started building my characters history and so on.
It really does enrich your gameplay.

JoeyDaMan (Xbox Gamer tag) says:

Chrymzon, I applaud your eagerness, valor, and pride in Nords as you should. Though as powerful as you may be and likely would be in close range with your axe, give me a bow (as I would be playing an elf) and I’ll split the hairs on top of your head from across the plains or from one mountain top to the other ;) But let’s not harp and this and that…let us look forward to how soon this game will be ready to play, even the Beta testing!!!

ALotToKill says:

You are assuming that your bow will actually have some range to it. I have only seen one MMO (not that I have played them all) where the bow truely has a great range to it and that is Dungeons and Dragons Online (DDO). The pitful range bows have in MMOs such as WoW and Rift is shameful.

Maxx says:

First time an mmo really seems to lend it self to very deep role playing. It especially helps with the set up of the pvp and warring factions. I can not wait and have so many ideas I play D&D so this will be a great trip. Anyone got ideas for forming guilds or rp ideas that are starting up and need more people I would love to join. Email me at and let the journey begin.

Elisan says:

Coming from a long time role-player, I am really looking forward to this! The lore and world are the perfect backdrop for some fantastic story telling. I sincerely hope that the developers will take some time to really give us the tools we need to create a strong role play friendly environment.

Megabuster says:

Meh, I just hope the progression raiding is up to par.

CaptnJack says:

I think the RP encouragement is great. I wonder if the game will assist in some way with it or will there be the usual drive to be on top which can distract some roleplayers. I look forward to playing this game MMO, and with and RP outlook.

The0spr3y [ username ] says:

I will join you, Eldalye Ancalima, as Abovde Dacren, a Wood Elf Archer, who is skilled in restoration magic and also carries a sword when he is casting, with light armor and a hood. He is a man in the Praetors of Ayrenn [ a guild me and my friends will make ] which gives him a high position. They use stealth, cunning, and strategy to take down their enemies. Abovde had his entire family killed by Colovian Imperials during an attack, and so he has his heart set on taking the Imperials’ land, Cyrodiil. However much he respects everyone, no matter what race they’re of, or alliance they’re in, if they’re attacking him, he will kill them.

Argos says:

Great Article. I have never truly RP’ed but this game and after reading this article cannot see how I’d avoid it in this game. The immersiveness of the elder scrolls games just begs for it.

......... says:

Great article! This is exactly what i have been thinking all the time since “Elder Scrolls Online” was revealed. I agree with everything you say, and i think many others can relate to this!

Ramo says:

I hope it would be able to assassinate people *o* I love it to kill someone and he didn’t notice me xD

HemaXD says:

Yeah, It’s cool, do this!

Kahvlun says:

I look forward to playing this game, and hopefully RPing too. I’ve kind of lost my touch for RP in the past year, but The Elder Scrolls Online already looks to have such a rich, story-driven world that hopefully I can get it back. I look forward to playing my nord archer and claiming your elf-ears as trophies as I fight for the Ebonheart Pact! For Jorunn the Skald-King!

Thraxxtor says:

Role-Playing is something I recently started getting into (about a year ago, which is recent for me at least!), and it’s probably the most enjoyable thing I do on any game nowadays. Sometimes I go back and play through games I had beaten long ago and just role-play. I’ve discovered stuff I never even thought about looking for before, and it breathes an entirely new life into games when you decide to do it. When I first heard about ESO (in the Game Informer article), my immediate thought was “OH GOD THE ROLE-PLAY WILL BE SO AMAZING!”. I’m really looking forward to this, and encourage many others to give it a try!

Also yes, I will be an Orc. Orcs are strongest!

Miles says:

What a great article. I really appreciate the fact that ESO decided to feature this on their website. I can’t wait to try this game for myself and roleplay. I’m already planning RP scenarios out with some friends of mine!

JonahD says:

It all tharts here…..

lol oh god o.o

Yea that typo was totally intentional…Thanks for pointing it out! LOL

Andy says:

I always roleplay whatever rpg I’m playing (currently Skyrim.) I usually use an elf thief named Aefion Bloodclaw so thats a Bosmer in the Elder Scrolls universe. So that means, in the roleplaying, I’ll do the thieves’ guild quests but not fighters’ guild or mages’ guild etc. Although I have recently created another character, an Argonian called Dragorath the Destroyer, which started off as a Nord in Morrowind, then got ‘upgraded’ to an Argonian in Oblivion and so now has entered Skyrim. The story behind him was like maybe Molag Bal mutated him into a lizard demon in order to bring the pain.

Crazyhorse says:

Well… I’m just a nord vampire. I have no emotional ties to either nords or anyone else. Although nords do come in handy, like those dark elves also. Alone we’d be starving and left fending for ourselves against inferior beings we like even less. But my fellow mortal nords, you’ll have the support of our covenant for now… unless you cease to be… useful to our plans.

Have you wonder why we didnt mentioned you lizzard people? You’re blood is just sour… you may live or die, but not by my hands.

Throthgar says:

you will find your silly war and petty squabbling will gain you nout as your screams will eco though the void


Scraminal says:

You clearly are not throthgar the Dragon born coward

[...] The Elder Scrolls: A Role-player’s Dream (Elder Scrolls Off the Record) [...]

MallamWolf says:

Great article man. I know exactly how you feel, my character on skyrim is a breton who grew up in a noble family, who pushed him to learn magic. But he was far more interested in the sword, he had a redguard sword trainer. But when the head of the family thought him a disgrace,for not joining a mages college,they sent assassins to remove him. He fled to skyrim, with his redgaurd friend. At the imperial ambush his friend fell to imperial arrows and he was captured. From that day he vowed vengence against the imperials and to rise to greatness, so he could one day journey home no longer dishonouring his family. RP For the win!!

[...] The Elder Scrolls: A Role-player’s Dream (Elder Scrolls Off the Record) [...]

Misto says:

I’ve always enjoyed some good RP. And when I’ve played the Elder Scrolls, I’ve always had a BG for my chars.

Uldaar says:

I must say I am really looking forward to the Roleplay aspect of the game as much as anything in the game itself, I’ve only recently got into it on other MMO’s and I must say this article does justice to that wanting to RP on TES as well. So Cannot wait…but which of the three clans to pick from…Hmmm

Michael says:

I love RP’ing in almost any game. It is the best gaming experience you can ever have, and it would work best in an MMO, especially one based on one of the best RP single player games out there. I hope I can join a RP’ing guild of the Aldmeri Dominion and serve the elves with my brute Khajit warrior. See you in the game ! :D

Thomas says:

I’ve been roleplaying for something like six years; I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to this game and the idea of roleplay actually being in the game makes it that much more interesting. The massive amount of lore this game has to offer will make the potential depth of roleplay a freaking fantastic platform for some good old fashioned creative writing.

The Altmer of Skyrim says:

I love this article. It sheds light on why we all love the series and are exited for this MMO. No one’s coming here for the end game ranked PvP or the gear grind, we’re all here for the story, the lore, the interaction, and the exploration. I can not wait to make my Altmer once again, and fight for the good that lies on our hearts, instead of enslaving the lesser races like my blood kin. We elves get a bad reputation. I do not stand for that. I stand for helping those in need. For bettering Tamriel as a whole. For going where no elf has gone before. I hope my path crosses with you all. See you on the otherside.

Michael says:

We shall see each other on the Summerset Isle then, my Elven friend, and with our combined powers we shall gain control of Cyrodil and save Tamriel! (my email is if you want to contact me, I am looking for a guild and for every ally I can find :)

Make sure to join the Elder Scrolls Off the Record Guild as we will be going Aldmeri Dominion.

Michael says:

Thanks for the link man, I signed up for it :)

Valwin Leafsplitter says:

Hail brother elf! I am Valwin Leafplitter, and there is none better with a bow in the land. May our paths cross early and often in the Dominion! Y’ffre save the Queen!

Rhawn says:

My name is Baur-sir, I share the face of the mighty Khajiit, but under broad shell and thick fur stands a Bosmer, a restless hunter of the wood elves. I took part in the “Wild Hunt”, where I strayed off to the edge of a town, and there I crossed paths with a powerful witch whom placed a calm spell upon me. Once heart slowed and control of mind returned, the witch explained to me what she had done and that she could craft a enchanted charm for me that would keep me in this calm state of mind as long as I kept it around my broad neck. Now, with the cunning skills of my elven heritage and the brute like force of the Khajiit,I stand a force of…. AWESOMENESS!

james says:

Artical is pretty good love it ^^

Vicente says:

am not much into rp but you did gave me an idea about when the game comes out like people can join together to make a merceny group or if someone want to do a D&D kind of dungen rid.that would make a new story to write up for fun.

Jordan says:

Argonians have been treated like scum since the start of elder scrolls its time to strike back argonians assemble and take out the ENEMY the dunmer CHARGE.

avalon1805 says:

Awesome!!! i will totally do RP on ESO, maybe as a khajit mercenary who’s only purpose is to acquire wealth

Erik says:

my elf will be the best. He will be the strongest high elf ever. He will defeat the filfy nords and the lazy inperials. And those bretons can rot in a hole while I reclaim the white gold tower. Muhahahaahahahah!

Steve Brown says:

Very good read, I do creat my own back stories and add details to the games while I play. it greatly increases the fun of any game! I wonder if they will have a legacy system like SWTOR did?

Chibicore says:

I don’t know much about the lore of Elder Scrolls, but role-playing interests me. So I thought, maybe a character that has woken up in the world with no knowledge of how he got there or any previous knowledge he had about the world. Then as I learn about things my character will as well. Would that work?

Rhawn says:

that sounds good, but it truly feels better creating a char that works well with the lore. I my self recently learned more about the lore and came up with a unique char. love rp

Chibicore says:

There’s a lot to the lore, that’s why I wanted to take it one piece at a time and my character learn more along the way as well. I’m not the type to try and intake a ton of information at one time, bit by bit is more my style.

Rhawn says:

That’s cool, if it’s what you like, I’m sure you’ll have fun with it. Good luck, and maybe I’ll see you on Nirn.

DZ says:

I love this article!! And I’m so happy that ESO is encouraging a strong roleplaying community, I was worried it wouldn’t have one.

Theodyn MacLean says:

I, Theodyn MacLean, a Breton Mage Assassin of High Rock will soak the fields of battle with the blood of those who dare defy the Daggerfall Covenant! I will tear out your intestines and use them to strangle you!

One Land! One Emperor!

I will be playing as a Breton Mage who spent his childhood in the Shivering Isles under the ‘protection’ of Sheogorath after his family was murdered by Aldmeri Dominion agents for an unknown reason. Hidden, the infant was on the brink of death before The Mad God took him and raised him in his plain of Oblivion. Twenty years later Theodyn left the Isles, returning to Mundus to destroy the Aldmeri Dominion and avenge his family…

Fenris Rethan says:

Having limitations for your character’s behavior is essential in such an open-world game. Without a backstory inspiring likes and dislikes, every character ends up a walking arsenal of mostly-evil Daedric powertools with no reason to explore this amazingly detailed world except the joy of killcams and the magpie-like hope of rare collectible shinies to add to an arsenal so big you don’t even use most of it.

Bro~gar Berkna says:

We orcs have been pushed around far too long, and I shall take my warhamer to the head of anyone who gets in the way of my people’s freedom. My entire stronghold was burned down by the Aldmeri Dominion when I was a child. I have no clue to why they did it, but I will take my revenge on the ones who caused this suffering.

Jorge says:

I’m a young Nord born in Cyrodil who moved to Skyrim wanting to make a name for myself and become one of the greatest swordsmen in the world. Seeking justice and equality for all races and seeing Ulfrics lust for power I joined the Imperial Legion. During the battle for Whiterun a Stormcloak dog ran my friend,Severio Pelogia(a farmer whom i sell my crops to)through with his sword. Ever since then I take the helmet of every Stormcloak I kill. I also worship Talos in secret. Every Thalmor soldier I see wandering meets the steel of my blade. I despise Deadra and Vampires. I will protect the innocent and slay the evil and corrupt. This is how I role play.

Julius says:

Well then. My name is Brin Tenvanni, I hail from Morrowind, to be exact, I came from the town of Tel Vos on the island of Vvardenfell. It shall stand to little surprise that I call myself among the numbers of House Telvanni, and as such I am a wizard in the making. I have a particular interest in the arts of smithing, enchanting and alchemy, beside my magical studies, as artefacts of power can be made just as easily and are easier on the Magicka reserves in use. My sworn enemies are the abolitionists, as the right to own slaves is ours by birth, especially to those inferior races such as Argonians, Khajiti and Orcs.
(Note: Racism is strictly IC)

I can’t wait to see how the RP community will develop, certainly now that the one on WoW I used to play in is as good as dead.

Aronel says:

My name is Aronel, i am a Bosmer, in the battel i will be in the dark and come when im nedded, i am the most fearsome nightblade you will ever see (if you even are able to spot me) i take my enemies with the blink of an eye, they didnt even know what hit them.
I am rather a mysterius character an have never realy spoken much, when i was young i was trained in the arts of stealth,magick and arms but i was to skilled even for my parents to handel they sent me away so i could learn with a better trainer although i was young, my master died by an army of Orc soldiers stormed his house i saw him die right there on the floor. now i will have my revenge and fight.

Scarlin says:

destroy the deminon

Derethay says:

I go by the name Derethay. A dunmer in fact. Ever since I was young I have had some understanding in the schools of conjuration and destruction. Mostly due to my father teaching me. I also joined the guard for a couple of years before I decided to go my own way. The guards of morrowind had very little to those days. Today I am a spellsword for hire, and I will fight for whoever pays me the most. My goal is to one day settle down in a village I seem worthy, and live my life peacefully with the money I have collected from my adventures and battles. But right now the Ebonheart pact needs me. I will see you all on the battlefield.

Nahch'tay says:

This one thinks you long beards should stay in your ice mountians. This one speaks only so no useless bloodshed comes. This one is no slave of Elves or man but defender of home! If elf queen wishs to help defend home and heal family of sickness, I defend elf queen and fight for her! For The Aldmeri Dominion! For Elsweyr and the Moon that guides us!

Gilan Aubk'i says:

To Chrymzon and Aven,

So it seems my observation of the Nord race was correct. You have no thought beyond the blooding of your blade and cannot see past your petty thoughts of any race except for your own. Lets see who stands triumphant when my arrow is sticking out the front for your throat. King Emeric will lead us to victory!

P.S.- Come find me in Stros M’kai if your ever looking for a challenge

Aven the Nord says:

At last some one who has the guts to challenge me. I was starting to think all Of King Emeric’s men Were as cowardly as he is.As for your arrow I will have you know that I pride my self in my own archery and so you my not find me as easy as you seam to think where bows are concerned. But if you have the misfortune to find Me well then the Dagger fall Covenant will have one less of there lackeys….

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