QGN Community Cast: Episode 11 From the Ashes

December 3rd, 2012 Posted by QGN Community Cast 1 comment

Welcome back to the QGN Community Cast! In this episode Evarwyn joins Fred and Mendell to discuss the cancellation of SWTOR Reforged and the new SWTOR content coming to The Quest Legion Podcast! We also delve into Guild Wars 2, Oblivion, Planetside 2, and a few other neat Inde titles. Stay tuned after the show for the premiere episode of Something Something Darkside, a new mini segment. We also welcome your feedback to QGNCommunity@gmail.com!


Community Cast Ep11: From the Ashes
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One comment

Zach D says:

Man Im sad to see swtor reforged go away 🙁 definitely sad i only recently discovered QGN. But thanks to you guys I am back playing SWTOR and loving it!!!!! i commented back on ep:16 wondering if F2P was worth even trying due to all the restraints. Well I took Freds advice and gave it a shot, and ya I subscribed already! Not sure why I stopped playing. Anyway thanks Fred, Thanks QGN! I love the shows and love listening to Freds gameplay lol always comical!!!! thanks guys!!

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