Quest Legion: Episode 1: Meet The Legion!

November 17th, 2012 Posted by Podcasts, Quest Legion 1 comment

Welcome to our FIRST episode of The Quest Gaming Network’s RPG/RTS podcast! This week we discuss: Guild Wars 2, Rift: Storm Legion, LOTRO’s new expansion: “Riders of Rohan”, The Total War Series and The Quest Gaming Network’s Minecraft RP Server!
Episode 1: Meet The Legion!

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One comment

Zach D says:

Love the new cast guys! I’m not gonna lie you got me wanting to play so many games now….. and I’m not even sure how I could ever balance that lol!!! My question for you evarwyn or any of the other guys is. Being a fan of swtor, skyrim, guild wars 2, rift, and I’m sure others. How do you balance and keep up on so many games, the mmos specifically, and keep up with the content? I would say I’m a hardcore raider in WoW and am very much enjoying guild wars 2, And after listening to your shows I’m wanting to get back on swtor and rift!!!! How can I ever keep up with so many mmos?

Thanks guys! Always enjoy the shows and this is by leaps and bounds the best podcast group ever!!! Keep up the amazing work!

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