Episode 13.5: Server: Transferred!

June 19th, 2012 Posted by Podcasts, Star Wars Off The Record 2 comments

Lou and Evarwyn team up in this episode to give you the latest news on the recent server transfers and their opinions surrounding this community changing event in-game! Also, information on the brand new patch for this week, an update on the augmentation system on the PTS as well as its new features and how you can earn the new vanity pet, the taunlet! Splash some TOR on your face, this is a long one!


Episode 13.5: Server: Transferred!

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Patrick L says:

I really was upset with the infernal council. There were significant problems with this server merger.

First, Bioware lied by calling it a server transfer instead of a server merger. They gave us no idea what they were planning, no way to give them advice, or commentary. They did it. Player expectations were not met on this. We had no idea of how to predict what Bioware was planning, or how to adjust for it. Which, honestly, I think Bioware either did not know what they were doing, or they did not want us to know. As a customer I find that disrespectful, and that attitude of how they treat us is rampant throughout most of what they do.

It is very easy to think this was the greatest thing since sliced bread if you were on an East Coast server, or a PVE or RP server. On the East coast they transferred low population servers to higher ones, carefully balancing the transfer process so that a server gets topped off and balanced between multiple destinations from lots of origins. There are some problems like on Ebon Hawk, where the starting population is saying their community has been destroyed because they’re now outmatched 5 to 1, and that there’s now 3 ‘official’ websites for the server, but for the most part players got to move to a better spot.

The West coast servers got completely F’ed. Every West Coast PVP server was moved to “The Bastion”. The Bastion was the single lowest population server on the planet, so literally almost every single west coast pvper was transferred.
It doesn’t matter if you were on The Swiftsure, which was The Fatman of the west, or Black Vulkars, you got merged with The bastion.
And, further, they did it in reverse population order, so that the highest population servers got to transfer last. The most active communities got last bid on names, guilds, and so forth.

It’s one thing to go from a server with 5 people on it, to a server of 200; it’s quite another to go from an active live community of 100+ people in both fleets to a server of over 900. Where the PVP Queues are back because all the warzones are filled. Where at 4 in the morning there are hundreds of people in fleet. Where you can’t do dailys in a reasonable time because the Blackhole was designed for like 25 people, not 100. Where you’re wiping on bosses in Operations because your party lags through move or die phases.

The populated west coast servers had communities. Players earned respect for their skill in the game, and their interaction. Those communities are torn asunder.

And that is the PVP servers. If you were on a PVP RP West coast server you got moved to a server 3,000 miles away, that also had lower population. Imagine if you were playing from British Columbia, or Hawaii, or Alaska, and now you have to login to an East Coast server.

Finally, it took Bioware a week to restore my guild’s guildbank, and I know others have had problems as well. When they did restore my guild’s guildbank, they didn’t give us all the tabs. A problem with verification. We have screenshots of our old guildbank, but now we’re having to dance through CS hoops just to get them to fix it.

And don’t say it was optional. No one knew what they were getting into, they only knew that Bioware is going to one day shutdown those old servers or turn them into trial ones. The communities on those servers are gutted and dead.

I’m not saying things aren’t better for you, but for the people on large active servers this was a pretty terrible experience, and we’d have preferred a different solution or implementation.

Steve says:

loved the podcast just real quick

I figured the reason they didn’t tell you which servers where the destination servers so they didn’t have an ton of people logging on to those servers and trying to snatch up names and stuff. Just my thought.

As for the guild transfers yeah it would have been nice to let them know before hand so they could cooridante but really its not like you had 5 different servers to go to so it shouldn’t be hard to find people.

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