Episode 12: Heroes

May 29th, 2012 Posted by Podcasts, Star Wars Off The Record No Comment yet

One of our most robust episodes to date! Evarwyn, Lou and Fred sit down and chat about things like the recent layoffs in BioWare and the impact, if any, on the individual gamer. Also, the guys talk about their week in-game with their brand new alts and all of the new information that came out this week on Update 1.3! In Jedi Archives, we discuss Korriban and Darth Traya as well as review this former Jedi’s role in KOTOR 2 and how it ties in to SWTOR! Your emails, iTunes and Twitter retweet shout outs in The Fleet finishes up our show! Pull up a chair, kick back and relax, as we save the galaxy one alt at a time!


Episode 12: Heroes

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